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Chris Haines Pond – 12th April 2009

With nothing else on Les arranged for us to have a little match at Chris Haines pond near Frome. Dave Lawrence very kindly picked me up (after going to my old house first!) bright and early and we met the others and set off in convoy. We got there in good time and it looked like it was going to be a


Chris Haines Pond – 21st September 2008

I was supposed to meet Les and the others at Donyatt village hall at 7:45 and when I got there 5 minutes late and they’d gone I knew it was going to be one of those days. I made my way there after phoning Chris (who was in Belgium!) for directions and was in a foul mood. After calling Les and Janders


Chris Haines Pond – 31st August 2008

After no fishing last week I was well up for this one, I’d seen Chris’s pond once before and it looked lovely with loads of features and mixed stock. Picky collected me at 7:30 and we met up with Les and the rest to travel up in convoy. We made good time and got there in an hour to be met by