Month: January 2008


River Isle – Crown League – 27th January 2008

Everything looked in place for a good match on the river this week, the weather was gorgeous and with no rain the river was in perfect nick. The anglers were split into two sections per usual and this week the sections were at South Bradon and Redbridge, the latter section hadn’t been fished for a while and was expected to be hard


River Isle – V.E.S. League – 20th January 2008

After another week of rain I was convinced we wouldn’t be on the river but apparently the river was up and coloured but fishable. I really wanted to draw Isle Brewers but pulled peg 14 (the tank traps) out of the hat. I wasn’t too upset as I normally do well off this peg, I also had the scales but only had


Ilminster Canal – Crown League – 13th January 2008

With the river once again bank high I got to the pub expecting the match to be switched to Dillington but was pleasantly suprised to find we would be fishing the canal. Now I absolutely love the place but just can’t seem to pick up any dosh, in fact I hadn’t framed here since I was a junior! I really wanted to


River Isle – Pairs Open – 6th January 2008

After the Xmas break I couldn’t wait to get back on the river and some much needed rain promised to put some colour in the river. Even a frost couldn’t put a dent in my hopes. Eight pairs had signed up for this one and my partner was club chairman, Pete Lonton. My usual partner Justin (or should that be Judas?) was