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Fast Fisher Guide For First Timers

Fast Fisher Guide For First Timers Fast fishing can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. It allows you to reach fishing spots that may be out of reach on a slower boat and can also provide a fun, fast-paced adventure. However, it’s important to prioritize safety and be properly insured to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip. Choosing the Right Equipment Equipment


Guest Blog – The Fishing Index

In 2013 I moved from Sunny Rhyl in North Wales down to Bristol. Whilst looking forward to a new city, job, and life, I was also very excited about finding new places to fish! I quickly found there were lots of websites with information, but these were mostly text-based, I was never able to add filters to find exactly what I was

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Fishing in Namibia 2019 – David Rigden

My latest guest post is David Rigden’s excellent account of his recent trip to Namibia fishing for bronze whaler sharks. I stepped off the plane at Cork Airport, still two hours to drive home, feeling like I needed a fortnight’s holiday … In fact the holiday was over; it had been enjoyable, but tiring. Two weeks earlier I’d set off on my

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Fishing in France – Baz Morgan – Part 6

Be careful what you wish for. On my latest visit to France l was sitting in a bar (nothing new there then) overlooking the lake in the small town of Quintin in the Cotes d’Amour. While enjoying a coffee l noticed an advertisement for a fishing match a few days later on the lake. I have fished here on a couple of

Action On The Flooded Babagon River

Angling as a Monitoring Tool – Steve Lockett

Angling as a Monitoring Tool A very wise person once said “to protect something, you first have to know what it is”. For anglers in the UK, there are very few surprises in terms of what species are in rivers and lakes, but in Asia, where mahseer swim in wild waters, the situation is very different. Since 2008, I have been visiting

Rugby Field

Mr Grumpy

A photo of a rugby field is an odd way to begin an article related to fishing, but if you will cut me a little slack hopefully you will get the drift of what I am trying to get across. Having reached the age when I am now entitled to a government pittance the words of my much loved grandfather seem to

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Mullet Mecca Revisited – Pete Bluett

In late September, Jenny and I made our latest trip to County Cork in Ireland, and just like last year, it didn’t disappoint. The added bonus was that this year we were able to fly from our local airport at Newquay, meaning our travel time from walking out of our door at home to arriving at our digs in Rosscarbery was just

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Fishing In France – Baz Morgan – Part 5

A few years ago, I was asked if I would organise a trip to France to fish the river Loire for barbel, chub, mullet and possibly silure. The deal was that they would pay all expenses, ferry, fuel, digs and food. My job would be to do all the booking, the driving, sort licences and bait, act as guide to the swims


Ice Fishing – Diana and Steve Crook

At the Big One, whilst looking around all the stalls and stands we came across one manned by Diana and Steve Crook all about ice fishing, Hurf and myself stopped and had a long chat with them both and it was fascinating stuff, talking to them, they both obviously have a huge passion for this style of fishing and certainly know their stuff.

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The River Camel – Pete Bluett

The River Camel rises on the edge of Bodmin Moor and flows south west through the town of Camelford towards Bodmin. Just outside Bodmin the river turns through 90 degrees and heads north west towards the north coast and the sea. 8km downstream of Bodmin the river bisects the town of Wadebridge before flowing another 10km past Padstow and out into the