Dean Barlow Feeder Links Review

Regular readers of the blog will know I hadn’t done much feeder fishing for years but then I fished Bob’s match two years ago which was rod only and since then I’ve been doing a bit and really enjoying it. The trouble is, it means having to buy even more kit! I ordered lots of bits and pieces including some feeder links


Bird’s Quarry – Charity Match – 18th April 2021

Bird’s Quarry is owned and run by HMS Heron Angling Club, as part of the MOD, it’s a private club for serving members, veterans and their family but Stoke have an arrangement where they can fish it a couple of times for charity matches. I wasn’t on the list for this one and was gutted as I really wanted to fish it


Hebditch’s Pond – Charity Match – 11th April 2021

The charity matches run by Stoke are always very popular but with only a dozen swims around the pond, there are always more people wanting to fish than available pegs. In a bid to try and make it as fair as possible, everybody who wants to fish puts their name down and for the first match, twelve names are drawn out of


Summerhayes – Open – 5th April 2021

My third match in four days and I must admit I was starting to flag a little as I struggled to get my ancient aching bones out of bed! I stopped off at Greggs but it wasn’t open so had to settle for a bacon roll over at Costa, so not the best start and I hoped it wasn’t an omen! It


Dillington Pond – 4th April 2021

Before I get on to todays blog, we had the awful news in the week that Pete Lonton had passed away, he was an Ilminster AA stalwart who I knew and fished with for many years, very sad and our thoughts are with his family. When it was looking like we might get back match fishing, I was talking to Rob about


Summerhayes – Open – 2nd April 2021

Even though it’s only been three months (just like the old closed season), it’s felt like a lifetime but match fishing is finally back! It was starting to look like matches would resume from 29th March, so with Easter weekend coming up, I booked into Summerhayes on Good Friday and the Monday with an Ilminster match at Dillington on the Sunday. I


Dillington Pond – 14th March 2021

With only ‘local’ pleasure fishing allowed and pretty horrible weather since Xmas I’ve had zero enthusiasm to get out on the bank and haven’t even looked at my kit! Thankfully all the graphs are heading in the right direction now and hopefully match fishing will resume from 29th March. I had my vaccination at Dillington on Saturday and I have to say

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Lockdown Q & A – Interview with Sam Powell

My latest Lockdown Q & A is with Matrix’s newest signing Sam Powell, Hi Sam, many congratulations on signing to Matrix, well deserved, firstly can you tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got into fishing and the first fish you caught? Thanks Jamie. Hi everyone I’m Sam Powell, I’m 27 years old and I’m from the seaside town of


Lockdown Q & A – Interview with Vic Bush

Hi Vic, thank you very much for agreeing to answer my questions, Firstly can you tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got into fishing and the first fish you caught? I didn’t start fishing until I was in my late teens, I was more interested in football, tennis and ice skating back then. My first trip was to Longleat


Lockdown Q & A – Interview with Dan Baldwin

Hi Dan, thank you for agreeing to be another interviewee in my Lockdown Q & A series, A nice easy one to start with, can you tell us a little bit about how you got into fishing and the first fish you caught? My stepdad (Geoff Charman) used to go salmon fishing in Wales and Scotland several weeks a year. That would

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