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Summerhayes – Open – 12th November 2023

After a disappointing day yesterday we were back at Summerhayes for the Sunday open but on Sellicks this time, which is my favourite lake as there aren’t as many carp or tiny silvers. We met at the bowling club for breakfast (thanks Charlotte) and were joined by the Grand Wiz and Chanter who were fishing the Chard winter series. With our bellies

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Summerhayes – Memorial Match – 11th November 2023

We were at Summerhayes on Saturday for a memorial match to remember Charlie Barnes, Clive Cunningham and Ray Wickham. Jeff welcomed the 22 anglers and said the payout would be for the overall winner and then four sections. I haven’t been for a while but apparently the pegs towards the top end of the track (the mid thirties) have been winning the

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Revels Fishery – 5th November 2023

Sunday we were at Revels for a Stoke match but not before the breakfast club assembled at the Airfield Tavern which set us up for the day. On arriving at the fishery I was a bit gutted to learn we were on Main and Trendles as I thought we were using Middle today (not that I would have drawn it anyway!). Norts

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 4th November 2023

With no matches planned for Saturday I was actually quite looking forward to having a lie in and a day not doing very much. Then Zoe advertised an impromptu open on FB and I couldn’t resist, Nick didn’t require much persuading either! It was a wet and windy start but after breakfast it stopped raining although when we got to the fishery,

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Lodden Lakes – Simms Silvers – 29th October 2023

After fishing Ivy House for the first time yesterday and loving it, Sunday saw me at another venue I’ve wanted to fish for ages, Lodden Lakes near Gillingham, for a Stoke match. Quite a few of us met at Cartgate for breakfast before heading off in convoy with Andy S taking the lead as nobody knew where we were going! We initially

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Ivy House – Fish South Silvers Qualifier – 28th October 2023

There’s some great silvers competitions around at the moment including a new one organised by Fish South so when the tickets went on sale, I thought I’d give it a go and bought a couple for Ivy House, a new venue for me. Not knowing anything about it, I spoke to Stu White who fishes it a fair bit and he couldn’t

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Revels Fishery – Open – 24th October 2023

If you read the blog regularly you can’t have failed to notice I’m fishing more matches than ever but also the knock on effect is that I’ve got a constant backlog of posts and the reports are taking longer and longer to appear online. So apologies if you’ve noticed the delay and if you haven’t you probably don’t read the blog anyway

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Ash Ponds – 22nd October 2023

On Sunday we were back at Ash Ponds for the latest Stoke match and would be on Ponds 2 and 3 again. Both lakes are rammed full of fish but weights on the former tend to be a little lower and there is a better head of silvers while lots of keepnets are required for the latter, hence me hoping to draw

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Acorn Fishery – Charlie Barnes Memorial Match – 21st October 2023

The first time I fished Acorn was this match last year and I absolutely loved it (if you haven’t seen that report it’s here), it was held in December and being colder the weights were fairly modest and carp weren’t too much of a problem. This year it was a little earlier and with the weather still very mild, the silvers weights

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Revels Fishery – Open – 17th October 2023

It was back to Revels on Tuesday and it certainly feels like winter’s on the way now as it’s quite chilly in the mornings. After meeting Parker ‘The Pole’ for breakfast we made our way to the fishery. 18 anglers booked in today and we were on Main and Dead Tree lakes. Jason and Dean got the draw underway and after being

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