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River Parrett – Huntsman Cup – 30th June 2024

The following day we were back on the Parrett and as I’ve said numerous times on the blog, even though the fishing can be rock hard and the river can kick you right where it hurts, they’re still some of my favourite matches of the year. The usual pegs were on my wish list along with peg 1 which was in this

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 29th June 2024

I enjoyed fishing the waggler in the last match and was hoping for another nice day doing the same but then Guy threw a spanner in the works by winning the midweek open with nearly 50lb of skimmers caught shallow on meat and never had a bite on the waggler! After meeting Nick, Norts and Parker ‘The Pole’ for breakfast we headed

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Hebditch’s Pond – Ruthie’s Cup – 23rd June 2024

For the penultimate round of Ruthie’s Cup we were back at Hebditch’s Pond, we met at The Ranch for breakfast which was lovely although somebody rushed off without paying, not mentioning any names but the rumour was he couldn’t wait to get to Thorney for Nudefest! With several anglers on 7 points, I was in the chasing pack on 6 but would

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River Parrett – Evening Cup – 22nd June 2024

I always look forward to the matches on the Parrett, the fishing can be really challenging with 3lb a good weight but if you can achieve that, it’s very satisfying. The first fixture on the river is always the Evening Cup and although people tend to have an idea of which pegs they’d like, nobody really knows how it will fish. With

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Revels Fishery – Open – 18th June 2024

Another trip to one of my all time favourite venues although I was a little disappointed when I got there and it was on Main and Trendles again. The draw got underway and as I was near the top of the list, I didn’t have long to wait to see where fate was putting me this week, Dean had a rummage in

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Hebditch’s Pond – Ruthie’s Cup – 16th June 2024

Round two of Ruthie’s Cup and we were at Hebditch’s Pond, we all met at The Ranch for breakfast and were well looked after by Kirsty before it was time for the draw. It was pegs 12, 1, 2 and 3 for us this week with everyone hoping to draw 3 which along with 4 in the next section have been the

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 15th June 2024

The last few matches have been won on the waggler and corn so for this one, I made sure I had mine with me (not that I’ve used it for years mind!). I met the others for the usual breakfast pit stop before heading to Todber. Guy announced the draw and per usual I hung back and had one of the last

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Revels Fishery – Open – 11th June 2024

There had been some brilliant silvers weights on Woodlanders, Canal and Main last week so I booked a day off work, met PTP for breakfast and then headed to Revels. We arrived early and as the usual reprobates, miscreants and rogues arrived, the banter was in full flow as always. Draw time arrived and I was disappointed to hear the 20 anglers

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Coombe Farm – IAA Summer League 5 – 9th June 2024

For the penultimate round of the summer league, we were back at Coombe and it was my turn on pegs 4, 5 or 7. In all four matches so far, peg 5 has been the one to draw, winning the section every time. After a lovely brekkie at the bowling club (thanks Charlotte) it was time for the draw and I had

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 8th June 2024

I’m really enjoying the fishing on Ash although apart from a couple of good results, I’m struggling to get to grips with it. After meeting Nick, PTP and Norts for a Greggs brekkie we headed down to Todber and I have to say I’m looking forward to the new restaurant opening in early August. Draw time arrived and it was a mixed

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