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Now, I love my fishing but I also really, and I mean really, love reading about fishing and one of the best ways of doing this is via the blog-o-sphere. It’s free and there are literally thousands of anglers now blogging about their latest exploits. Every possible type of angling is being written about and by anglers of all abilities, I like that, I enjoy following people on their own personal angling journey as they get better, I like to experience the highs and the lows with them. Being primarily a match angler I like to read blogs on that subject but there are also several other blogs written by anglers who just like to go fishing and they’re great reading too!

One of the things that makes a blog successful is keeping it regularly updated and all the blogs in my list below do just that. I see so many talented writers start a blog and look forward to their posts and then they just fizzle out. Photos also help to make your posts come alive and most of the blogs I’ve mentioned have some great photos to go with the text. When I first started out, I rarely posted pictures and looking back at my earlier posts, it’s sometimes hard work trawling through loads and loads of text.

Please have a look at the blogs in my list below, there’s a real mixture and I’m sure you won’t regret it (please don’t stop reading mine though!). So, in no particular order, here they are….

Idlers Quest

This blog needs no introduction as it already has a huge following, the author Jeff Hatt, writes beautifully and there are always stacks of photos to accompany each post. I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t be offended if I described him as a pleasure angler and his posts reflect that, he fishes mainly natural venues and catches some stunning fish. He also writes for Total Coarse Fishing magazine and his blog has inspired many others.

Tales From The Towpath

Another blog I love to read and another self confessed pleasure angler. Russell Hilton is an angler I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with on a couple of occasions and I always enjoy his company. Always includes some great photos, especially now he’s bought a new camera! He doesn’t post as prolifically as other bloggers due to playing a lot of cricket in the Summer. He loves fishing canals and has taken some quite staggering catches from these waterways.

Tony Rixon’s Days Out

After starting my blog, this was the first blog I started following, Tony is a top match angler and very well known in the South West. He fishes mainly commercials now but was very good on natural venues too. If I had one criticism it would be you rarely see a photo on Tony’s blog (and some punctuation would be nice too!). It’s still a very good read though and the one most match anglers in the South West click on first. Tony has only been blogging since 2009 and has amassed over 211,000 page views already which is a figure I can only dream about!

Clucker’s Peg

Another match blog, Tim Ford writes really nicely but another blog that would benefit from some more photos. Tim fishes mainly natural venues and along with his match reports he frequently delves into his archives and these posts make interesting reading too.

Ivan’s Angle

Ivan Currie is another match angler who likes to write about his matches, he fishes mainly natural venues with the odd commercial thrown in for good measure. I met up with Ivan at Summerhayes and he is a really top bloke! A relative new kid on the block, Ivan has been blogging since 2012 and usually includes some nice catch shots in his reports.

Crooked Lines

Dominic Garnett is an all rounder who likes to try his hand at most things, Dom is becoming hot property and has written books, appeared in various angling TV shows and writes for the Angling Times regularly. He loves fly fishing for coarse fish and has regular trips with Russell Hilton. His blog posts always include some quality photos.

Danny’s Angling Blog

Danny is another angler who goes fishing for pleasure and enjoys the surroundings as much as he does the fish he catches. Based in the North West I always enjoy reading about his trips with his dad and uncle. His writing flows really nicely and he always includes lots of photos and the odd video clip as well. Another relative newcomer who has been blogging since 2011 and I’m slightly jealous that he has already achieved over 106,00 page views.

Iain Swanson Angling

Iain has his own website, which includes a cracking blog section about his match fishing. Iain fishes a variety of venues in Wales and the South West. There are also tackle and bait reviews and lots of great photos.

Silverfox Match Angling

Last but not least is the Silverfox’s blog, Mike Nicholls is another match angler and fishes the same circuit as Tony. Mike is a prolific poster and updates his blog at least twice a week. I enjoy his writing style and he always includes a few photos as well. Mike started blogging in 2008 and has already accumulated over 208,000 page views.

So there you have it, a few of the blogs I like to read, I’ll list some more next time.


Posted by Jamie Rich

  1. You should also check out Christopher Lamberts specimen blog:

    And Calum Dicks posts some good ones now and again:


  2. Cool, thanks Zac, I'll check them out


  3. My Dad tells me to put more photos on too Jamie! I need to get more catch shots, thanks for the feedback.


  4. I'm guilty of that too Tim!


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