Where to fish

River Huntspill, Somerset – Updated 26th August 2018

1 – Rob Dodd 13-12
2 – Baz Morgan 13-4
3 – Paul Smith 8-8
4 – Alan Bland 8-6

Revels Fishery, Dorchester – Updated 28th November 2017

Tuesday open results

1st Allan Winsper 66lb 13oz
2nd Brian Hayes 20lbs 2oz
Bob Crisp 3lbs 9oz
Paul Wyatt 1lbs 12oz

Emerald Pool Fishery, West Huntspill, Somerset – Updated 23rd May 2018

Website – www.emeraldpool.co.uk
Latest HLS results from Ruby lake

1 – George Fletcher – 25lb 2oz
2 – Andy Danahay – 25lb
3 – Baz Morgan – 23lb 10oz
4 – Dave Tunstall – 23lb 8oz

Hunstrete Fishery, Hunstrete – Updated 18th March 2017

The final match of the silvers league on Thursday was won by Steve Dawson with 26lb 8oz of mainly skimmers from peg 15, Dave Willmott was second with 24lb 6oz from peg 29 and Dave Wride was third with 23lb 13oz from peg 6. Callum Dicks won his section again which saw him take the league title.

Ivy House Lakes, Grittenham, Wiltshire – Updated 2nd January 2017

Website – www.ivyhouselakes.com
It was hard going in todays match and David Halliday had the top weight with 19lb 1oz from peg 5 and for good measure took home the silvers pot with 3lb 12oz. Second place overall went to Chris Timms with 14lb 10oz from peg 4 and Eddie Marsh was third with 12lb 3oz from peg 6.

Todber Manor, Dorset – Updated 16th March 2019

Website – www.todbermanor.co.uk

18 anglers fished today’s open on Hill View. Results:

1st: Dave Bruton 101lb 6oz (Peg 55)
2nd: Ash Tomkins 92lb 2oz (Peg 40)
3rd: Pete Neate 76lb 10oz (Peg 50)

Silver’s 1st: Adrian Dew 31lb 4oz (Peg 36)
Silver’s 2nd: Dave Bruton 24lb 6oz

Section A: Darryl Mayers 75lb 12oz (Peg 38)
Section B: Mayo 70lb 8oz (Peg 60)

Windmill Fishery, Westerleigh Road, Bristol – Updated 22nd June 2017

Paul Elmes won the latest evening match with 144lb 12oz of mainly carp from peg 13, Paul caught in the margins on meat over groundbait, Craig Edmunds was second with 76lb 6oz which also included the top silvers of 23lb 2oz from peg 1 and Neil Mercer was third with 69lb 10oz from peg 8.

Durleigh Reservoir, Bridgwater – Updated 21st July 2017

Some great weights in the recent Somerset vs Devon match, Mark Bartlett fishing for Somerset had the best weight with 114lb 2oz of bream on the method feeder fished at range. Nick Jones was second with 61lb 15oz and Scott Russell was third with 59lb 6oz.

Avalon Fisheries – Updated 15th August 2018

Website – www.avalonfisheries.co.uk

Latest HLS result

1st – Rob Eagle – 142lbs 12oz
2nd – Eric Searle – 91lbs 13oz
3rd – Roger Coombes – 46lbs 14oz

1st – Baz Morgan – 27lbs
2nd – Bob Pascoe – 16lbs 4oz
3rd – Richard Coleman – 11lbs 3oz

Plantation Lakes, Kingston Seymour, Somerset – Updated 16th February 2015

The PSV match on the Main lake yesterday was won by Chris Szakacs with mainly carp for 56lb 14oz from peg 5 and Darren North took the best silvers net with 15lb 12oz from peg 31.

Goodiford Mill, Nr Cullompton, Devon – Updated 5th February 2017

Website – www.goodifordmillleisure.co.uk
John Carr silverfish open match
20 anglers fished the annual John Carr charity match today at Goodiford mill, despite the cold temperatures and heavy rain in the week leading up to the match the venue still fished quite well. First on the day was Graham Davey with 6k 980g, close behind in second place was Steve Barrell with 6k 950g, and in third place was Chris Boulton with 6k 900g….
Section winners were Elliot Fay with 5k 900g and Wayne Mitchell with 4k 300g

Thanks to everyone who fished today, we raised £60 for pancreatic cancer uk
The club would also like to say a huge thank you to Hatim Tall who generously donated to the cause.

Coking Farm, Gillingham, Dorset – Updated 6th January 2013

The Tackleuk match today on Rush Lake was won by Chris Higgins with 42lb of carp.

The Sedges, Dunwear, nr Bridgwater – Updated 16th March 2019

Website – www.thesedgesfishery.co.uk

Result for Mad March Pairs (day two)
Brick Lake section winners,
Section 1-5 Jamie Parkhouse 114lb 12oz peg 5
Section 6-10 Steve Fouracres 120lb 14oz peg 7

Tile Lake section winners,
Section 31-35 Paul Homewood 158lb 4oz peg 31
Section 36-40 Keith Bilder 110lb 9oz peg 37

1st Steve Fouracres and Jamie Cook 2 points 293lb 5oz
2nd Paul Homewood and Jamie Parkhouse 4 points 426lb 2oz
3rd Eric Fouracres and Keith Clapp 4 points 253lb 1oz

River Tone, Taunton, Somerset – Updated 13th January 2019

Today’s pairs Match on the River Tone
With 20 pairs booked in there would have to be a few sections in.
The Fast stretch. Athelney and the free water behind Sainsbury’s.
The River is still in fantastic condition.
With a nice green hue. The only trouble the wind was blowing down stream 30mph. Making presentation quite hard.
The Athelney stretch suffering quite badly.

Simon Garbutt having the best weight on the day with 18kg 200. Scoring him 1 point for the section win his team mate Chris Parr getting 6 points in his section with 7kg 900. Giving them a total of 7 points.
With a total weight of 26 kg 100
That would be enough for the match win.

Mark Leader and C. Haines also scoring 7 points there would have to be a Count back on the weights.
Meaning they lost out by 7kg 600. Put them in to second place with 18kg 500

In third place Shawn Kittridge and Vic Bush with 10 points. With a combined weight of 16kg 800.

Stafford Moor Fishery, Devon – Updated 23rd September 2015

Website – www.staffordmoor.co.uk
Nigel Rhodes won todays match from Tanners peg 6 with 105lb 8oz of mainly carp fishing 8mm pellet. In second place was Mosella’s Martin Heard from Woodpecker peg 8 with 103lb 15oz and third place went to Bill Wallbank on Tanners peg 35.

Trinity Waters, Bridgwater – Updated 29th August 2018

Website – www.trinitywaters.co.uk

Results from todays match on Woodland lake.

1 – Eric Searle – 162lb 11oz
2 – Bill Hopping – 135lb
3 – Martin Coombes – 89lb 4oz

1 – Andy Danahay – 32lb 2oz
2 – Dave Tunstall – 29lb 15oz
3 – Baz Morgan – 29lb 7oz

Acorn Fishery – Updated 13th June 2017

Website – www.acornfishery.com
Tom Thick won todays costcutter with 153lb 15oz of carp from peg 21, Ray Bazely was second with 101lb 11oz from peg 5 and Tony Rixon was third with 94lb 15oz from peg 4. John Barker had the best silvers with 10lb 14oz from peg 11.

Walton Pond near Street – Updated 4th August 2013

Yesterdays Presidents Cup match was won by Jon Martin with two carp plus bream for 15k 520grms, Jon fished the method feeder with hard pellets. Mike Chapman won the silvers with 6lb from peg 13, Mike caught on maggots in the margins.

Landsend Fishery, Wedmore – Updated 17th April 2017

Shaun Townsend had the top weight in Sundays match with 143lb 14oz of carp from peg 15, he caught mainly on meat from the margins, Lean Hubbard was second with 141lb 13oz of carp on meat and pellet from peg 18 and Stuart Barnett was third with 139lb 11oz from peg 46. Best silvers weight went to Martin Pettiffer on peg 13 with 25lb 12oz.

Bait Tech Viaduct Fishery, Somerton – Updated 17th March 2019

Website – www.viaductfishery.com

Campbell & Cary Open – 34 anglers

1. Craig ‘Trig’ Edmunds – 186lb 15oz – peg 96
2. Gary Mealing – 180lb 3oz – peg 80
3. Scott Puddy – 149lb – peg 74
4. Dick Bull – 146lb 13oz – peg 78
5. Steve Jackson – 140lb 9oz – peg 130
6. Ryan Jordan – 134lb 5oz – peg 114
7. Clint Wojtyla – 108lb 13oz – peg 118
8. Adrian Bishop – 108lb 5oz – peg 112
9. Phil Hardwick – 106lb 11oz – peg 90
10. Si Parker – 104lb 4oz – peg 77
11. Glenn Bailey – 101lb 9oz – peg 129
12. Craig Challingsworth – 99lb 2oz – peg 88
13. Roland Lucas – 96lb – peg 132
14. Herbie – 90lb 9oz – peg 128
15. Norman Sterry – 88lb 9oz – peg 86

1. Nigel Easton – 42lb 10oz – peg 123
2. Matt Tomes – 30lb 5oz – peg 102
3. Glyn Reynolds – 29lb 10oz – peg 126
4. Ben Hagg – 29lb 7oz – peg 100

Chard Reservoir – Updated 30th September 2018

Alan Dunn had the top weight in todays match with 55lb of bream and skimmers, Nigel Garrett was second with 44lb 12oz and Des Shipp was third with 44lb of roach.

Summerhayes fishery, Bridgwater – Updated 10th February 2019

Website – http://www.summerhayesfisheries.com/index.htm

Silvers Champion of Champions
1 – Jeff Sparkes – 45lb of carp and skimmers
2 – Jack Billett – 41lb of carp

1 – Bill Hopping – 15lbs 14oz of skimmers and crucians

Bullock Farm, Back Lane, Kingston Seymour, North Somerset – Updated 1st July 2017

Website – www.bullockfarm.co.uk

Latest fishing report from Bullock Farm

Rushcombe Lake: since the record-breaking session with a 245.35lb bag by Tim Hadland on this lake, plus numerous other 100lb+ bags – this has been a popular place to fish! Despite the fact that the new stock fish have ‘wised up’ a bit, this lake is still producing excellent bags from all pegs provided that you get your tactics right. A huge variety of small hookbaits are working (almost anything!) but a 16–18 hook on a 1.5lb line on the float are the best tactics. Fish in the shallows about 9 inches from the far or near margins – liquidised bread along with micro-pellets is proving to be the best feed. Lots of bags of between 60–80lb are coming out.

Jake Gane had a good day on Rushcombe with banded pellet. Jake said “everything worked today – we couldn’t stop the bites!” Most were caught on single red maggot or banded pellets, all over ground bait. Some beautiful roach came out of the margins too – over ground bait on banded pellet and caster.

Match Lake – is probably the easiest fishing at the moment. Even our ‘not the most patient’ 4.5 year old grandson, Harry, has been catching on this lake with his Dad, Ben. This lake has loads of features so again, if you fish light with a 16–18 hook and a 1.5lb bottom line with single maggots or casters or bread punch, you can expect really nice mixed bags of skimmers, roach, chub, perch and crucians with the odd larger carp of between 5–10lb. Excellent weights with bags of around 75lb from all areas.

South Pool – also fishing well. The corner pegs are still the best areas to fish. You can afford to go a bit heavier here with a 14–16 hook on a 4lb line with sweetcorn and spicy luncheon meat on the hook tempting the fish. A good amount of nice-sized carp (5lb) are coming from the margins with the good head of bream being caught on sweetcorn out in open water – they go to 5.5lb.

Carp Lake – is fishing okay but is the hardest of the five lakes. A good amount of doubles are now featuring but concentrated in the early morning and the evening. Bread or dog biscuit on the surface, luncheon meat and soft pellets on the bottom with a 14–16 hook and 4–5lb line should work here.

North Pool – has been fished less than Rushcombe Lake so the new stock fish aren’t quite as wise yet. Lots of carp coming out of this lake. The ‘Hovis’ pegs and the right hand side of the peninsula are the most consistent but all areas are producing good pleasure bags of around 65lb.

Ilminster Canal – Updated 27th January 2019

Dave Phillips won today’s match with 3lb 10oz which included a bonus F1 from peg 5, Jamie Rich was second with 2lb 7oz of roach and perch from peg 7 and Steve Parker and Graham Field tied for third place with a 1lb each.

Sadborow Pond – Updated 17th March 2019

Andy Winters had the top weight today with 108lb of carp on maggots from peg 9, Jamie Rich was second with 28 carp on corn and dead red maggots for 85lb 4oz from peg 4 and Brendon Ions was third with 79lb 1oz.

Perry Street Pond – Updated 30th December 2018

Some really close weights in today’s match, Mark Hollister did well from peg 4 to win with 14 carp for 58lb 12oz, Brendon Ions was second with 54lb 14oz from peg 10 and Steve Bush was third with 52lb 12oz from peg 5.

River Isle – Updated 10th March 2019

The final match of the season saw Jamie Rich take the top weight with 15lb 12oz of quality roach from Midelney with Baz Morgan in second place with 13lb 4oz of chub and roach from peg 125 and Rob Cox with 9lb 12oz of roach from Barney’s Bend.

Dillington Pond – Updated 3rd March 2019

The weather was horrendous for today’s match, Leighton Cox had the top weight with a decent bream and three skimmers for 8lb 5oz on the feeder from peg 18 and Frank Woodard was second with four skimmers and a small chub for 6lb 1oz from peg 19, also on the feeder.