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Acorn Fishery – Open – 13th May 2023

After two days of actually not fishing it was back to Acorn for one of Chris Fox’s excellent matches. We made the usual stop for breakfast which was lovely and then to the fishery. 23 fishing today including ‘Bunghole’ Bob Gullick who I haven’t seen for ages. Chris held aloft the bag of fate and after a spate of drawing the same


Acorn Fishery – Costcutter – 9th May 2023

Match day four and it’s my birthday (I know, I know, hard paper round!), I always try and fish a match and this year I booked into the costcutter at Acorn. After an early start I stopped at the burger van for breakfast which was lovely and then onto the fishery. I picked up some bait, paid my pools and waited for


Acorn Fishery – Open – 15th April 2023

I wasn’t going to fish anywhere on Saturday and was actually looking forward to having a lie in but that all changed when Zoe messaged and said they had half the lake available for an open and I couldn’t resist! So once again, Saturday morning had a familiar feel to it, after meeting Nick, we headed to Clevedon, had a nice breakfast


Acorn Fishery – Open – 8th April 2023

For match day two, Nick and me headed back up to Acorn, another early start was required and we stopped off at the burger place for breakfast which was very nice. It was shaping up to be a gorgeous day and there were plenty of fish moving about as we waited for the draw. I delved into the bag and only went


Acorn Fishery – Open – 1st April 2023

A 10:45 draw time for this one which would mean a nice leisurely start but also not getting home until late. I still woke up at the normal time and actually got to the garage 15 minutes before I was due to meet Nick! We stopped at the burger van for a very nice bacon, sausage and egg roll before heading to


Acorn Fishery – Open – 25th March 2023

After a lovely day catching silvers last Saturday, I was hoping for more of the same today, of course as it was the weekend the forecast was for strong winds, fed up with it now! I was actually on time meeting Nick for once and then we headed up to Acorn via a breakfast pitstop which was very nice. We picked up


Acorn Fishery – Open – 18th March 2023

The weekend soon arrived and after an early start I was only a little late meeting Nick at the garage in Ilminster (sorry mate!). We made good time and went to the burger van again and had an excellent bacon, sausage and egg bap before heading to the fishery. Seventeen anglers eagerly awaited the draw and with Des holding the bag, Zoe


Acorn Fishery – Open – 11th March 2023

After blanking last weekend, I was hoping for a few bites this week at Acorn on Saturday and Dilly the following day. I met Nick in Ilminster and we headed to the Bridge Inn for breakfast, I ordered the large one last time which proved too much for me, this time I went for the standard with added toast and black pudding


Acorn Fishery – Open – 25th February 2023

I was looking forward to another Saturday at Acorn although it was all change again with our crazy weather and I had to defrost the car in the morning. After meeting Nick and Jenny in Ilminster, we headed to Acorn via a pitstop at a burger van in Clevedon for breakfast which was very nice. A great turnout again including Tom Thick


Acorn Fishery – Open – 18th February 2023

For this weekend’s opener, it was back to Acorn for another of Chris Fox’s matches, I’ve been loving the silvers fishing but the carp are starting to wake up now as well. I met Steve ‘The Carp Slayer’ Parker, Nick ‘The Verminator’ Payne and Jenny before heading to Clevedon. We tried the Bridge Inn for breakfast which is just up the road