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Acorn Fishery – Open – 11th May 2024

After drawing peg 27 and really struggling in my last outing, for Foxy’s next open I decided to employ the tactic of having the last peg in the bag again. There were actually two balls left (as Chris hadn’t drawn yet) and I pulled out number 9 which is one of the best carp pegs on the lake but can also be

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 6th May 2024

Bank Holiday Monday and a trip up to Acorn for their open which was well attended with 26 anglers fishing. Des was in charge of proceedings and asked Zoe to draw for him, she pulled out a good one in the shape of peg 10, then there was the usual scrum as everybody delved into the bag. Nick got number 4 on

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 13th April 2024

Saturday we headed to Clevedon for the latest of Chris Fox’s opens, the draw time is now a bit later at 9:45 but I still managed to be running late and messaged Nick to say I’d meet him up there for breakfast. Bellies full we headed to Acorn and with a full house of 28 anglers, it was pretty busy in the

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 23rd March 2024

I embarked on a few fishing marathons last year including five matches on the trot and also seven competitions in nine days. Well with some time off, I’ve decided to take it even further, ten matches in twelve days!!! Now I realise I’m an elite, honed, angling athlete but could this be a bridge too far? Will somebody find me sat by

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 24th February 2024

On Saturday we headed to Acorn for our first visit of the year, there had been some good silvers weights in the week but waking up to a hard frost wouldn’t do us any favours. 26 anglers booked in for today and I was hoping for a nice silvers peg, Des held the bucket aloft and I pulled out 15 which wasn’t

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Acorn Fishery – Silvers Open – 28th December 2023

I was supposed to be fishing a match at Revels yesterday but with very strong winds and rains forecast, only four of us turned up so it was cancelled. Today we were booked in for the silvers open at Acorn but the weather was due to be rubbish again. After meeting Nick, Jenny and Parker ‘The Pole’ for breakfast we headed up

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Acorn Fishery – Xmas Match – 23rd December 2023

With some time off over the Xmas period, I booked into lots of matches starting with a festive fixture at Acorn where there was a fantastic turnout of 31 fishing. Des welcomed everyone before announcing the draw and with Zoe holding the bag, the usual scrum for pegs ensued. I got in quite early and pulled out number 22 by the bridge

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 16th December 2023

Saturday we were back at Acorn for the last of Chris Fox’s matches this year, the pond was flat calm and I said to Nick I thought 15lb would be a good silvers weight today. Chris announced the draw and I really fancied 38 or 40 but 33 attached itself to my hand, although it’s not been very good lately, being a

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 25th November 2023

Up early for another open at Acorn and we’d had a wicked frost which was a bit of a shock to the system. I met Nick and after a quick stop for breakfast we made the short drive to the fishery, at the draw I continued my habit of drawing the same pegs when 36 attached itself to my hand. Not my

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 4th November 2023

With no matches planned for Saturday I was actually quite looking forward to having a lie in and a day not doing very much. Then Zoe advertised an impromptu open on FB and I couldn’t resist, Nick didn’t require much persuading either! It was a wet and windy start but after breakfast it stopped raining although when we got to the fishery,