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Summerhayes – Open – 7th April 2024

Before I get on to Sunday’s report, the previous evening it was Stoke AA’s presentation night at the working mens club. It was well attended and before the trophies were handed out, the clubs very own magician, Bob Pamplin, entertained us with a selection of tricks. After being suitably amazed and mystified, the second half of the double act and our host

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 6th April 2024

After fishing nine matches in eleven days, it was back to work for a couple of days before the weekend arrived again and we were headed back to Todber for a silvers match on Ash. Of course the weather was forecast to be pants with 40mph winds and as Todber is pretty exposed at the best of times, this could be brutal!

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Revels Fishery – Open – 2nd April 2024

I had intended to do ten matches in twelve days but was beginning to feel a bit ‘fished out’ and in need of a lie in (plus the never ending crap weather certainly wasn’t helping!). So today’s trip to Revels would be the ninth and last match of my fishing extravaganza. After meeting PTP at Greggs for breakfast we made the short

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Summerhayes – Open – 1st April 2024

Bank Holiday Monday it was back to Summerhayes for another match on Longs, it was also match number 8 in my fishing marathon. So far, it was going ok, despite lots of early starts, loads of driving and mainly crap weather, I wasn’t feeling too bad and I’d picked up in four of the seven matches. After a disappointing Greggs for breakfast

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Dillington Pond – Charity Match – 31st March 2024

I really enjoyed fishing the feeder in a few matches at Dillington last year so was looking forward to my first visit of 2024. It was a Stoke charity match and Ilminster AA had very kindly let us have the venue for the day. After doing well on 18 last time, I fancied the pegs on the near side but was happy

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 30th March 2024

I was really looking forward to this one after having a lovely days fishing a few weeks back, up early we met at Cartgate for breakfast before heading to the fishery. After getting some bait from the shop, it was time to draw and I was hoping (along with everybody else) to see the number 75 when I opened my ticket. Before

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Summerhayes – Open – 29th March 2024

For Good Friday and the start of the long weekend, we were back at Summerhayes and it was on Longs. 13 fishing today and when Pete announced the draw I was second on the list and pulled out peg 36. Not where I wanted to be, it’s by an aerator and a peg I can never seem to get to grips with.

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Summerhayes – Silvers Open – 27th March 2024

When I phoned to book in for this one, Pete said there were only four other names on the list and I was in two minds whether to fish, especially as the weather was going to be rubbish again. Waking up and looking out the window at the wind and rain, I nearly got back into bed but decided to go as

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Revels Fishery – Open – 26th March 2024

I haven’t been to Revels for ages so was really looking forward to this one, especially as the weather was actually going to be half decent! After meeting Parker ‘The Pole’ for breakfast we got to the fishery in good time. The match was on Main and Trendles again and I was hoping to avoid the latter as it holds lots of

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Bird’s Quarry – Charity Match – 24th March 2024

The following day we were at Bird’s Quarry for a charity match, I’ve only ever fished it once before back in 2021. It fished hard that day with Stoke’s ex Club Angler of the Year, Norts, winning with 10lb odd which was a bonus 8lb carp and some bits, I managed to win the silvers by default with 15oz! Since then Stoke

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