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Fishery Focus – River Isle

I haven’t done a fishery focus for a while and a few people have suggested I do one on the River Isle so I thought I’ll cover the Ilminster AA stretches from Coxes down to Hambridge as these are the areas I know pretty well. I’ll try and point you in the direction of some of the better swims along with letting you

Dillington Pond

Fishery Focus – Dillington Pond

This weeks focus is on Dillington pond, a lovely lake on the Dillington Estate, it’s an irrigation pond with 24 pegs and I’ve been fishing it since it opened in 2006. It’s an Ilminster AA water and you can find the details on the website address listed below. It’s absolutely stuffed with fish and the main species are roach, rudd, perch, chub, eels and


Fishery Focus – Ilminster Canal

This weeks Fishery Focus is on Ilminster Canal and it’s a venue that’s very dear to my heart. Although my first ever fishing trip was to the Isle, I spent most of my younger years down the canal as it was only a short walk from where I lived. I’ve seen it go from a stagnant pond to a cracking little wild

My Peg 21st Apr 2013

Fishery Focus – Perry St Pond

This weeks Fishery Focus is on Chard AC water, Perry St Pond Perry St Pond Perry St Pond Perry St Pond is approximately 4 miles from Chard. Directions – turn off the B3167 at the turning for the Swisstulle Ltd factory, turn left into the car park where there is ample parking and the pond is just a short walk away, over the footbridge. Contact –

Peg 35 On Longs

Fishery Focus – Summerhayes

In yet another new feature for this blog (I’m good to you lot!) I intend to write regular features focusing on a particular fishery with loads of detail including contact info, description of lakes and facilities etc. The first fishery to be featured is the excellent Summerhayes in Bridgwater. Summerhayes Fishery Address Summerhayes Fishery Bridgwater Somerset TA6 6LW Owner – Pete Wakeling Tel  –