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Fishery Focus – River Isle

I haven’t done a fishery focus for a while and a few people have suggested I do one on the River Isle so I thought I’ll cover the Ilminster AA stretches from Coxes down to Hambridge

Fishery Focus – Dillington Pond

This weeks focus is on Dillington pond, a lovely lake on the Dillington Estate, it’s an irrigation pond with 24 pegs and I’ve been fishing it since it opened in 2006. It’s an Ilminster AA

Fishery Focus – Ilminster Canal

This weeks Fishery Focus is on Ilminster Canal and it’s a venue that’s very dear to my heart. Although my first ever fishing trip was to the Isle, I spent most of my younger years

Fishery Focus – Perry St Pond

This weeks Fishery Focus is on Chard AC water, Perry St Pond Perry St Pond Perry St Pond Perry St Pond is approximately 4 miles from Chard. Directions – turn off the B3167 at the turning for

Fishery Focus – Summerhayes

In yet another new feature for this blog (I’m good to you lot!) I intend to write regular features focusing on a particular fishery with loads of detail including contact info, description of lakes and facilities etc.