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Revels Fishery – Open – 2nd January 2024

For my first match of the New Year it was back to Revels but once again, the weather was awful and forecast to get worse as the day went on – great! I met Parker ‘The Pole’ at Greggs in Yeovil for breakfast and we bumped into Norts who was also stuffing his face! When we arrived, there were only three other

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Revels Fishery – Open – 30th December 2023

My final match of 2023 was back at Revels and as per usual I met Parker ‘The Pole’ at Greggs for breakfast. It looked like the weather might be a little better today but by the time we’d finished eating, normal service had resumed and it was chucking it down again! 18 fishing today and we’d be on Main, Dead Tree and

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Revels Fishery – Open – 19th December 2023

I haven’t been down to Revels for a while so booked a day off to fish the Tuesday open and met Parker ‘The Pole’ for breakfast before heading to the fishery. 19 anglers fishing today and as it was also a Xmas match, complimentary hot drinks and bacon rolls were laid on which were very much appreciated and Bob C brought on

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Revels Fishery – 5th November 2023

Sunday we were at Revels for a Stoke match but not before the breakfast club assembled at the Airfield Tavern which set us up for the day. On arriving at the fishery I was a bit gutted to learn we were on Main and Trendles as I thought we were using Middle today (not that I would have drawn it anyway!). Norts

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Revels Fishery – Open – 24th October 2023

If you read the blog regularly you can’t have failed to notice I’m fishing more matches than ever but also the knock on effect is that I’ve got a constant backlog of posts and the reports are taking longer and longer to appear online. So apologies if you’ve noticed the delay and if you haven’t you probably don’t read the blog anyway

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Revels Fishery – Open – 17th October 2023

It was back to Revels on Tuesday and it certainly feels like winter’s on the way now as it’s quite chilly in the mornings. After meeting Parker ‘The Pole’ for breakfast we made our way to the fishery. 18 anglers booked in today and we were on Main and Dead Tree lakes. Jason and Dean got the draw underway and after being

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Revels Fishery – Open – 3rd October 2023

I love the silvers fishing at Revels and as I haven’t been for a few weeks I booked a day off work to fish the Tuesday open. First up was breakfast at Greggs in Yeovil with Parker ‘The Pole’ which was good before we headed to the venue. The car park was really busy again with 22 anglers fishing today which is

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Revels Fishery – Open – 8th August 2023

After two lovely matches I was back again for my third Tuesday on the trot along with Parker ‘The Pole’ and this week Nick joined us as well. The car park was already pretty full and the vehicles kept arriving, when it was draw time, there were 25 fishing (which apparently is their biggest ever turnout for a Tuesday open). It was

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Revels Fishery – Open – 1st August 2023

After a lovely days fishing last week, I was back for another go this Tuesday along with Parker ‘The Pole’. With 14 fishing we were on Canal and Main today and I wouldn’t mind either as long as I could avoid the noted carp pegs. The draw was announced and I was around half way down the list, Dean delved into the

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Revels Fishery – Open – 25th July 2023

I really enjoyed my last match at Revels a few weeks back and had been dying to get back so booked a few Tuesdays off work. After meeting Parker The Pole for breakfast we headed to the fishery. We were a little early and I thought we’d be the first ones there but the car park was already virtually full as there