Month: November 2015

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River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 4 – 29th November 2015

Very strong winds were forecast for today and it was sounding like we could be in for a very unpleasant day weather wise. I got to the pub and there were a few other anglers there enjoying a hearty breakfast to set them up for the day battling the elements and hopefully catching a few fish. Stu Alford came straight over and paid


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River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League 3 – 22nd November 2015

We had some horrible weather on Saturday, with strong winds and much colder temperatures it was looking like winter had finally arrived. The fact I had to defrost the car this morning seemed to confirm it although thankfully the wind had dropped. I got to the pub fairly early and there was a decent turnout of eleven and a quick look at

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Dillington Pond – Royal Oak Winter League 3 – 15th November 2015

With more rain towards the end of the week, we were back out the pond for this match and there was another good turnout including Tackleuk’s Ashley Tomkins who was joining us for the first time this series. Rob announced the draw and I fancied a peg on the roadside and when I had the last peg in the hat which was number

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Dillington Pond – 8th November 2015

With loads of rain on Friday and Saturday morning, the river was bank high and unfishable so we were out the pond today and after last weeks disaster it would be nice just to put some fish in the net. Today was supposed to be a V.E.S. Precision match but Rob said it would be rescheduled to one of the free dates where hopefully

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River Isle – 1st November 2015

With no scheduled league matches this week we decided to have a knock up and also use it as a chance to have a look at some other stretches of the river. There had been a lot of rain earlier in the week and the river was unfishable on Thursday but with no more of the wet stuff, the river should be