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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 9th March 2024

I enjoyed my first match on the newly revamped Ash lake a few weeks back and was looking forward to having another go this Saturday. Nick, Parker The Pole and Norts also booked in so we assembled at Cartgate for a hearty breakfast first. Guy was in charge of proceedings today and deprived us of our pools money whilst proving his multi-tasking

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 10th February 2024

I haven’t fished Todber for a while so when I saw on Facebook they were turning Ash into a silvers lake and had taken a lot of the carp out, I thought it could be really interesting. Early match results looked good, 20lb+ needed to frame with lots of small fish, some decent skimmers plus odd tench and perch making up the

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 20th October 2022

Todber held a Thursday silvers only match on Wadmill (one of the specimen lakes) recently and it fished really well with Tony Rixon winning with 50lb of skimmers followed by Des Shipp who had 45lb of skimmers and roach and there were lots of good back up weights as well. When I saw they were holding another one, I booked a day

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Todber Manor – Garbolino Club Angler Of The Year Qualifier – 29th June 2022

I’ve fished this event for the last two years and although I’ve enjoyed doing something a bit different, it’s made me realise how out of my depth I am with this type of fishing. I met Andy, Norts and Terry in Yeovil for breakfast which was very good. All the talk was how we wanted to avoid Whitepost as it can’t compete

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Todber Manor – Fish’O’Mania Qualifier – 9th June 2021

So far this year, my fishing has probably been more varied and challenging than ever before and although I’ve struggled I’ve also really enjoyed doing some different things. However, it has also made me realise my own limitations, to be consistently successful these days, realistically you have to concentrate on a few venues or a couple of methods because it’s no coincidence

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Todber Manor – Garbolino Club Angler Of The Year Qualifier – 26th May 2021

I fished this event for the first time last year and although I enjoyed doing something a bit different and didn’t disgrace myself, I was a long way off qualifying and my lack of experience at Todber and catching big weights of carp really showed. Being realistic, the chances of me qualifying for the final are very slim unless I draw an

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Todber Manor – Garbolino Club Angler Of The Year Qualifier – 11th September 2020

I’ve always fancied having a go at this competition and when I saw the Southern qualifier was at Todber this year, I thought why not? Now I’m under no illusions that it’s not a big ask, given that my pb match weight is 155lb and at the moment you need 300lb plus to frame! That sort of fishing just isn’t something I

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Todber Manor – Open – 12th August 2020

I’d booked a week off work and really wanted to fish somewhere so when I saw Todber had a match on, I stuck my name down. It’s been fishing it’s head off with huge winning weights and 300lb plus needed to frame, I was hoping I’d be able to have a nice days silvers fishing as I don’t own enough keepnets to

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 29th February 2020

I’d wanted to fish some of these silvers matches after seeing them advertised last year but for one reason or another it didn’t happen then, so I was determined to put that right this year. I booked into two but with the horrendous weather we’ve been having, the first of them two weeks ago was called off. Typically the weather was gorgeous

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Todber Manor – Open – 30th December 2019

For day two of my fishing triathlon I was back at Todber and hoping for a better day than the 10lb I had in the Xmas match. After another rude awakening from the alarm at 5:30, I loaded the car in the dark before heading to Cartgate for breakfast and then down to deepest, darkest Dorset. Pulling into the car park, there