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My next match is the third round of the Langport teams of five on the River Parrett on Sunday (30th). My team, Chard Remains, finished 7th (out of eight) on the first match and 3rd on the second match. I think overall we are languishing near the bottom, still it’s the first round of the knockout so maybe we can buck our ideas up a bit. We have quite a good record in the knockout, winning it the first year and reaching the final last year although we got absolutely hammered by Weston. The team for Sunday is as follows,

Jamie Rich (captain)
Andy Langdon
Alan Dunn
Nicky Collins
Les Braunton

Elsewhere, as somebody who has a touch of the OCD’s about them I am fairly obsessed with lists and spreadsheets and keep fairly extensive records of my fishing exploits. Each year I try and beat my winnings total from the previous year and the good news being that last Sundays victory took me past last years total (£535) and within touching distance of 2004’s. My total this year is £556 (and it’s only July!). That’s probably put a hex on things and I won’t win a bean for the rest of the year. Next entry after Sunday’s match.


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