Dillington Pond – 22nd April 2007

No match this weekend and as I couldn’t face hanging round the house I decided to pop out Dillington for a few hours. On my arrival I was suprised to see several other anglers who turned out to be Jack and Tony Newman and Digger, after a brief chat I took my kit to the other side of the pond.

I set up a waggler and the pole, I caught loads of small perch and quite a few rudd on the waggler, along with a decent perch of 10oz or so. On the pole I had loads more small perch and some stonking roach on hemp or caster. I ended with 105 fish for around 15lb, a very enjoyable day.

Well that’s the end of the shortest blog so far, next week is the third round of the Spring League at Perry St and I need a good result or it’s game over!


Posted by Jamie Rich

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