Month: May 2008


Perry St Pond – Spring League – 25th May 2008

The weather forecast was pretty grim for the penultimate match although it wasn’t as windy as they said it would be. At the draw everybody wanted a corner peg per usual and when it was my turn there were only about eight pegs left and all the corners were still there. Did I draw one? did I hell as like! Peg 15


Dillington Pond – JMA Summer League – 18th May 2008

I was really looking forward to getting back to what is possibly my favourite venue, Dillington pond. At the draw there was a fairly good turnout of 11 anglers including two new faces, Steve Parker and Terry Morgan. Also at the draw was Richard White, a good friend who I hadn’t seen for ages. I drew peg 7 and had Neil Dring


Perry St Pond – Spring League – 11th May 2008

After a few blazing hot days, the forecast was the same today so I got to the draw armed with a big bottle of water and plenty of suncream. When the draw was announced I was quite near the back of the queue and when it came to my turn, Les said that there were still three of the hot corner pegs


Knackers Hole – 4th May 2008

This fantastically named venue is another place I’ve never won any money at and I wasn’t feeling confident of that changing today. Basically there are two small ponds which are used as stock/nursery pools. The top one contains mainly carp and is fairly shallow with a small island in the middle and the bottom one contains mainly silver fish. Everybody wanted to