Month: June 2008


Dillington Pond – JMA Summer League – 29th June 2008

Me and Andy went to Alan Dunn’s 40th barbie on Saturday night and as a consequence I was feeling really rough this morning. I got to the Crown for the draw and had one of Tommy’s excellent brekkies which went someway to sorting me out. There was another good turnout with 14 anglers fishing. The Yeovil muggers, Scott and Ashley turned up


Perry St Pond – Pairs – 22nd June 2008

On the Saturday the club removed all the problem lily pads which was a mammoth job and it would be interesting to see how the pond fished today. Les came up with a different spin on the pairs format in that pegs would be paired together so you wouldn’t know who you were fishing with until you’d drawn. He’d put good pegs


Dillington Pond – JMA Summer League – 15th June 2008

I was looking forward to this one although when I picked up my bait yesterday, pleasure anglers had been finding the going hard. Twelve anglers were at the draw including Justin Charles who hadn’t fished the first two. Scotty couldn’t fish today so the rest of us stood a chance. Everybody wanted peg 1 (where Scotty was last match) and Justin drew


Perry St Pond – Spring League – 8th June 2008

Waking up I opened the curtains to be greeted by a glorious day for the final spring league match. At the draw I commented how I would love to draw peg 10 and then promptly went and drew it! The peg is probably the second best peg on the pond (behind peg 11) and is one of the famed corner pegs and


Dillington Pond – JMA Summer League – 1st June 2008

After the disappointment of Perry St last week I was really looking forward to getting back on my favourite venue, Dillington pond. We had a fairly large turnout of 16 anglers too, including Scott Russell and Ashley Tomkins who don’t fish the pond much but have enjoyed plenty of success when they have. I drew peg 11 on the road side and