Month: December 2010


No fishing – 19th December 2010

Well this was supposed to be a fantastic account of how I won my second match on the bounce to end the year on a high but that poxy white stuff saw to that. Matches have been called off all over the place, including ours so a day off and I’m bored shitless. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish anybody


River Isle – Xmas Fayre – 12th December 2010

We actually didn’t have a frost last night and the temperature wasn’t too bad although with no rain, the river was always going to be low and clear for this one. At the draw there was a decent turnout of 14, including Andy Welch, Moses Holbrook and Tackle Uk’s Ashley and Scott. The draw was announced and I went in the bucket


River Isle – Crown Winter League – 5th December 2010

The weather had eased a little for this one although we still had a frost. At the draw there were nine of us fishing today and it was lovely to see Rocking Roy Fowler, who had come to give the river a try for the first time in ages. Rocking Roy Rob had decided to give the top end of the river