Month: January 2011


River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League – 30th January 2011

All week it had been really arctic and bitterly cold and even though the wind had dropped, I knew this match wasn’t going to be much fun. At the pub there were only six of us fishing and Robin had pegged us all at Upper Coxes. The only pegs I fancied were 14 and 15 and when Rob announced the draw I


River Isle – Crown Winter League – 23rd January 2011

After a week of wicked frosts, this match had all the potential for being a real grueller and despite Robin winding me up all week about it being on the pond, we were on the river. We hadn’t had a frost overnight and with it being overcast the temperature wasn’t too bad either, perhaps it would be better than I anticipated? I


Dillington Pond – V.E.S. Precision League – 16th January 2011

After a fair bit of rain in the week and some more forecast, I feared we might be on the pond again but Saturday was dry and I was hoping we’d actually get on the river. Robin put paid to this when he contacted me and said the river was high and rain due on Sunday would mean the river would be


Dillington Pond – Crown Winter League – 9th January 2011

The river was bank high on Saturday but I was still a little disappointed to receive a call from Robin saying he was switching it to the pond at this early stage. On the plus side, it meant Scott and Ash would be fishing (yep, mugged again!). I woke up Sunday morning and we’d had a wicked overnight frost which I didn’t


River Isle – Barney Crockett Pairs Open – 2nd January 2011

After being practically housebound since the last match I was itching to get back on the bank and as we’d had some rain last night and it was raining in the morning I was hoping there might be some colour in the river. As I drove over the river at Donyatt I was disappointed to see the Isle running painfully low and