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River Isle – Barney’s Pairs Open – 6th March 2022

Barney’s Pairs is a match I’m always keen to do well in, we’ve fished it on various venue combinations over the years, the last time in 2020 (we didn’t fish it last year due to Covid) it was on Hebditch’s and Dillington. This year Rob put us on the Isle and Dillington and with the river fishing quite patchily, my partner, Terry

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Hebditch’s Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 1st March 2020

Barney’s Pairs is always one of my favourite matches although I can never seem to keep hold of a partner and I’m getting concerned I may need to change my deodorant! This trend continued with Andy Saunders my latest partner for this match, we’ve also used several venues in various combinations over the years. Ideally we’d have fished the Isle (Barney’s favourite

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Dillington Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 3rd March 2019

After winning this match last year with Scott Jackson I was looking forward to defending our title but when I messaged him to see if he wanted to fish, he couldn’t make it due to a family commitment so I then contacted my other regular partner, Justin Charles, who couldn’t make it either! I was starting to think I perhaps ought to

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Hebditch’s Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 25th February 2018

Always one of my favourite matches of the year and an event myself and Justin have a pretty good record in, so when I text him to make sure he was fishing and he replied he couldn’t make it this year, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find anyone to partner me! Scott Jackson had mentioned a while back he might

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Hebditch’s Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 26th February 2017

I always look forward to Barney’s Pairs Open and as per usual, it was well attended, with 18 anglers fishing this year. With Steve and Cindy back from an amazing trip to New Zealand, we met at the Oak for the draw and breakfast. Most of the usual crew were in attendance and it was also lovely to see Dean Morrison and Paul Adams

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Hebditch’s Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 28th February 2016

Over the years we’ve used several venues in a variety of combinations for Barney’s Pairs Match and this year we were using a new one, Hebditchs’s pond for one section along with Dillington for the other. I was a little disappointed we weren’t using the river as Barney used to love the Isle but both venues have been fishing well and everybody should get plenty

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Dillington Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 1st March 2015

After my elastic disaster last week, I re-elasticated three top kits yesterday, two with Daiwa blue hydro and the third with yellow hydro which I was trying for the first time today. I got to the Oak for the draw and it was nice to see there were eight pairs fishing today and along with the regulars it was great to see


Dillington Pond – Barney’s Pairs Open – 2nd March 2014

This is another of my favourite matches that I’ve got a pretty good record in over the years but last year was a bit of a disappointment so I was hoping for better things today. We were planning to have a section on the river today but the weather forecast put paid to that so there was a section on the canal

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Dillington Pond – Barney Crockett Pairs Open – 3rd March 2013

With the river fishing badly for the last couple of matches, the plan for the pairs was to have a section on the canal and a section out at Dillington. My partner Justin was happy to go to the canal and I quite fancied Dillington as there are normally bites to be had out there. There was a wicked frost overnight and


River Isle – Barney Crockett Pairs Open – 4th March 2012

I always look forward to Barney’s match and have done well everytime I’ve fished it so far, winning it individually and as a pair with Bruce Hunt. I was struggling to get a partner this year as Justin couldn’t commit and finally ended up with Graham Field who has been bagging up out at Dillington and as this match was going to