Month: February 2011


River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League – 27th February 2011

Apologies for the lateness of my blog but my poxy pc had a virus. There were only six of us again and Neil had put all the pegs at Isle Brewers. I really fancied 125 (mind you so did everyone), I went in first but didn’t look at my ball and as everyone else looked at theirs, nobody was admitting to 125,


MAP Hooklength Storage Box and Matchman Hook Tyer Reviews

On my weekly trip to Tackle UK in Yeovil to pick up bait, I treated myself to one of the MAP Hooklength Storage Boxes and on getting it home, I was so impressed with it I thought I’d do a review of it on my blog. MAP’s new hooklength storage system It looks great and has many innovative features including; a really


River Isle – Crown Winter League – 20th February 2011

After it rained all night on Friday with more forecast, I just couldn’t see this one being on the river but with a dry Saturday the river looked perfect on Sunday morning, with pace and colour and everyone expected it to fish well. As Steve and Cindy have taken over the Royal Oak I turned up expecting everyone else to be there,


River Isle – Open – 13th February 2011

My rain dance seemed to have worked although judging by the amount of rain forecast I think I may have over done it! It had rained steadily all night and seemed set to be with us all day, combined with strong winds this could be an uncomfortable day! On my way to the draw I went over the river and was surprised


River Isle – Crown Winter League – 6th February 2011

After last weeks freezing minnow-fest, the weather had warmed up considerably although strong winds could make presentation a nightmare. There were nine of us today and Robin had put some cracking pegs in, including Redbridge, pegs 55, 66 and 125. I pulled out peg 122 but actually had the choice of 122 or 120, although a mega walk I decided to fish