Month: March 2011

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Perry St Pond – 27th March 2011

There was no official match this week but we all met out the pond to do some swim clearing and general tidying up. As a reward for all our hard work we had a little knock up afterwards. There were 11 of us and Les left out the corner pegs which would make things interesting although the end pegs on both banks

Perrystboard20 Mar 11

Perry St Pond – Winter League – 20th March 2011

With nothing on this weekend, I phoned Les on the off chance that he might have a space at Perry St, he said yes and that I could fish for Steve Osborne – result. This would be a good chance to get an idea of how the pond is fishing before the spring league kicks off in two weeks time. I got

Me 12lb13oz

Ilminster Canal – 13th March 2011

With it being the last weekend of the river season we should have been on the Isle but with no rain all week, Robin relented and put us down the canal and I couldn’t wait! The day started nicely when at the draw he presented me with my £50 winnings for the Royal Oak winter league, now I just needed a decent


River Isle – Crown Winter League – 6th March 2011

The final Crown (now Royal Oak) league match arrived and again there were only six of us at the draw. Neil had put in three pegs at Coxes and three at Ashford, I fancied 14 or 85 and possibly 82 but my drawing hand let me down and I pulled out the choice of 17 or 18 and I didn’t fancy either!