Dillington Pond – Evening League 9 – 17th August 2011

For the penultimate match we decided to shorten it by 15 mins due to the failing light. There were five of us again but this week Rob couldn’t make it and Justin would do his usual and turn up late. I drew peg 14 and I had Fieldy for company on the next peg along. I set up the usual whip rig along with a chopped worm rig (which I’ve yet to use on an evening match!). I also mixed up a little Sensas Roach groundbait although I’m finding I’m hardly putting any in and mainly just loosefeeding.

I shouted the all in and cupped out some choppie at 10 metres at an angle to my left before starting on the whip with maggot. It took me a while to get a bite and then it was tiny roach so I was soon on the caster. This wasn’t fast and furious either and by the end of the first hour I had 28 fish, which was way off the usual pace. I wasn’t too worried as I’d had some nice size rudd but also bumped off a few.

As well as feeding at 4 metres straight out, I was also feeding a line by the reeds and alternating between the two. Hour two was a bit better and I had 36 fish to take me to 64. Again. I’d bumped/dropped off a few and rather annoyingly I’d hooked a decent fish which went round some reeds and came off (I suspect it was a good roach or rudd). Going into the last three quarters of an hour I snapped off on the strike on a decent fish and had to tie a new hooklength (note to self – less of the Zorro strikes!).

Rob turned up to see how we were getting on and I suffered a bit of a blank spell where I missed loads of bites and with the light failing I could hardly see my float and it didn’t help that I’d left my glasses in the car! I added 20 more fish to finish with a total of 84 and I thought I had around 7lb. I was first to weigh and for once I wasn’t too far out with my estimate as my fish went 6lb 12oz. I really didn’t think it would be enough and Moses was looking quietly confident.

Fieldy had really struggled for 2lb 9oz and Alvin had 5lb 14oz, then Moses spoiled things by weighing 8lb 1oz. Justin’s chopped worm approach hadn’t worked yet again and he didn’t weigh which meant I was second and picked up £20 although I had to give a £1 to the venue expert, Moses. With one match to go, Alvin still leads with 10 points with me and Moses 1.5 points behind so it’s all to play for in the last match.

1 – Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) – 8lb 1oz

2 – Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) – 6lb 12oz

3 – Alvin Jones (Paul Church Motors) – 5lb 14oz

My winnings tonight took me over the grand for the second year on the trot, so lets see if I can beat my best total ever of £1216 with over 4 months to go, I’ve probably put the hex on it now and I won’t win another bean!

We’re supposed to be back here on Sunday but as I’m running the match I might see if the guys fancy a trip down the canal for some proper fishing (weed permitting!).


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