Month: July 2011


Summerhayes – Open – 31st July 2011

I picked Janders up and off we went, there was a good turnout of 18, I pulled out peg 13 which is where Pete gave me a battering a few weeks back so it’s a fairly good area. Would today be the day I finally ended my Longs jinx? I set up the usual Carpa 2 for my main skimmer line at


Summerhayes – Pairs Open – 24th July 2011

I was all set to fish Dillington with bait ordered etc when Heardy phoned me up Saturday morning and asked if I’d fish the Summerhayes Pairs Open with him. Faced with the choice of blip bashing at Dillington or catching skimmers and the odd carp at Summerhayes, Martin soon persuaded me. I got there and there was a good turnout of 36,


Dillington Pond – Evening League 7 – 20th July 2011

I picked Alvin up and we set off for round seven of the evening league, the sky was quite black and it looked like we might be in for another wet one. On arriving at the pond we were greeted with just Moses there waiting, he said Justin would be here later so it looked like it was just the four of


Summerhayes – Open – 17th July 2011

With nothing on locally, I booked in to fish at Summerhayes and Janders fancied a days fishing too. The match was on Sellicks but the forecast was awful though, with gale force winds and rain predicted. I picked John up and we made good time, I’d even done him some soft pellets (makes a change from Scotty doing them for me!). There


Perry St Pond – Spring League 10 – 10th July 2011

The final match arrived and I was hoping for a good draw so I could finish with a flourish but pulled out peg 3 and I was pretty gutted as it hasn’t been a great peg. Bushy got me to open his peg for him and he had peg 2 which he wasn’t happy about. His main rival in the league, Hainsey


Dillington Pond – Evening League 6 – 6th July 2011

First up I’ll apologise for the lateness of this blog but my poxy pc died but I’m back up and running again now. I was quite excited about this evenings match as Alvin said we’d go down the canal for a change but Moses phoned me earlier in the week to say the canal was very weedy so it was back out


Perry St Pond – Spring League 9 – 3rd July 2011

Well we reached the penultimate round and we were greeted by glorious sunshine, another bonus was my mate Andy Langdon was standing in for Terry Green who had pulled out of the league. Les announced the draw, I pulled out peg 19 which did well in the early matches but it’s form has dipped of late. Andy pulled out peg 7 and