Month: June 2011


Dillington Pond – Royal Oak Summer League 4 – 26th June 2011

After weeks of pretty crap weather we were due a scorcher today. There were nine of us today as Robin had some work to do and Leighton was suffering a hangover (perhaps they knew something I didn’t!). Pegs 1 and 16 were in today for the first time in ages and everyone fancied a chance of some chub. Of course I managed


Dillington Pond – Evening League 5 – 22nd June 2011

After a couple of poor matches I was keen to get back to winning ways tonight, there were the usual six of us and I pulled peg 4 out of the bag, which I was happy with. I set up a 4 metre whip rig and also a light Drennan Squatt float for fishing the hemp on the pole, if I started


Perry St Pond – Spring League 8 – 19th June 2011

Conditions were much better for this one, although we did have a couple of showers early on. I was still in with a chance of a corner peg but when I opened my peg I had the number one staring back at me, just the peg I didn’t want. Although it’s a corner, it’s not a good one, the only good thing


Perry St Pond – Spring League 7 – 12th June 2011

The weather was truly awful for this one and I made sure I had waterproofs, wellies and I even took a brolly for the first time in years. I had drawn Dunner in the knockout and he pulled out corner peg 1, while I had peg 8. My peg can be a good one but you’re always up against it when you’ve


Dillington Pond – Evening League 4 – 8th June 2011

It was pretty windy for round four and when we got to the pond the level was well down. There were only five of us fishing tonight because Robin was in Nottingham (maybe his second name is Hood and not Cox!). We put all five pegs on the field side as with the level down, where we would be sat wasn’t so


Summerhayes – Open – 5th June 2011

With nothing on locally I booked in for another match at Summerhayes with it being on Sellicks this week. I did well on Sellicks last year and I was hoping this would continue. Scotty and Roger were fishing as well as the usual crew and Scott did my expanders once again (aww isn’t he lovely!). I pulled out peg 12 which is