Month: May 2011


Summerhayes – Open – 30th May 2011

After a bacon sarnie it was off to Summerhayes to see if I could break my jinx on Longs. I got to the draw just in the nick of time and there was a good turnout including some stars, Bob Gullick, Tom Thick, Gary O Shea, Steve Tucker and Alex Murray to name a few. I pulled out peg 12 which put

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 6 – 29th May 2011

Unusually for me I spent quite a bit of time doing some prep on Saturday, tying hooklengths and doing some hair rigs for today. We were all in with a chance of a corner again but after last Sunday I didn’t particularly want one! Before the draw though, Les had to do the preliminary draw for the individual knockout. I was one


Dillington Pond – Evening League 3 – 25th May 2011

I picked Alvin up and got to the pond expecting it to be blowing hard but it wasn’t too bad. There were the usual six of us and I pulled peg 17 out of the draw bag which I was chuffed with as it’s a peg that’s been kind to me in the past. I mixed up a little groundbait (Sensas Roach)


Perry St Pond – Spring League 5 – 22nd May 2011

With a corner peg to come this week, I was hoping I could draw one of the top corners, 10 or 11. I really fancied 10 as it’s the more consistent peg although 11 wins it’s fair share of money too. Luck was with me today (or was it?) and I pulled out 11. I got there and there was floating crap


Dillington Pond – Royal Oak Summer League 1 – 15th May 2011

I got to the pub for the draw and there was a decent turnout of ten for the first Summer League match, which was good to see. Along with the usual Wednesday night crowd there was also Rich White, Heardy, Leighton and Steve Parker. I drew peg 2 which is on a point and quite a deep peg and I had Leighton


Dillington Pond – Evening League 2 – 11th May 2011

After a poor first match in this series I was hoping to turn things round tonight. There were six of us this evening as Graham Field had joined us and we put three pegs in on each side of the pond. I drew peg 10 and was quite pleased with that as there were loads of fish topping. I quickly mixed up


Perry St Pond – Spring League 4 – 8th May 2011

Round four and the pairs knockout final arrived, Les did the draw for the pairs and me and the Hoff got drawn together again. Three of the finalists (me included) were in with a chance of a corner. Bish was the only one who’d already had a corner so he went in the bucket and pulled out peg 14 which is a


Perry St Pond – Spring League 3 – 1st May 2011

First stop of the day was the Cotley Inn for an excellent breakfast, it was too much for me and I had to admit defeat (I’m only a little lad!). Then to the pond and the draw was a little delayed due to Steve Bishop having a bit of a heavy night! Steve received a huge round of applause when he finally