Better Days

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a fair old while (May 2014 to be exact!) and on the back of my last rather downbeat post I had a look back at some match wins out the pond to remind me of times when I could actually catch fish!

5 – A win from peg 24!

Regular readers of the blog will know it’s not my favourite peg and I seem to draw it a lot but it turned out to be cracking day and still remains my biggest weight out the pond.

4 – Pairs lake win

Over the years I’ve got a good record fishing Barney’s Pairs Open and this was a really nice days fishing on another peg I seem to draw a lot but this time it was the right time of the year!

3 – I actually tried the feeder!

With the feeder starting to win a lot of matches, I had to give it a go and although I managed a win, it was one I got away with somewhat!

2 – One of my favourite pegs

The pond was chocolate coloured and fished a little harder which is just how I like it, especially when I drew peg 18!

1 – A lovely days fishing and a nice bonus

This win brings me right up to date as it’s my last victory on the pond, a cracking days fishing with a nice bonus fish (which I didn’t need in the end) although I lost another which would have been the icing on the cake!

I quite enjoyed reading back through some of my old posts and I’m looking forward to winter now!

Next ‘Hit Parade’ – Birthday blogs!



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