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Hit Parade Update

A few years back, I did a series of ‘Hit Parades’ on everything from ‘My Top Ten Match Wins‘ to ‘Virgin Venues’ where I looked back through the blog and picked my favourite posts on different subjects. The last one was in September 2016 so with no fishing at the moment, I thought I’d do a new ‘Hit Parade’ covering my most


Birthday blogs (Part 2)

As promised here’s Part 2 of my Birthday blogs ‘Hit Parade’ but can it live up to the previous five years? 5 – Midweeker I took the day off work for my birthday and decided to fish a match at Summerhayes 4 – Unlucky 13! Round four of the Spring League and I drew peg 13 but would my luck be


Birthday blogs (Part 1)

Looking through old posts for my last ‘Hit Parade’ I noticed one of my wins came two days after my birthday and it got me wondering what my results were like on or near my birthday over the years. 10 – Standing in at Sadborow Going back to 2007 and the first ‘Birthday blog’ since starting Against Men and Fish saw me


Better Days

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a fair old while (May 2014 to be exact!) and on the back of my last rather downbeat post I had a look back at some match wins out the pond to remind me of times when I could actually catch fish! 5 – A win from peg 24! Regular readers of the blog will


Virgin Venues

I haven’t done a hit parade for a while and my first visit to Trinity Waters on Monday got me thinking about venues I’ve visited for the first time and done well. I still get a real buzz when I fish somewhere new and it’s the anticipation of that first bite, that first fish. Also being a match angler, it’s another challenge and


Fishing Abroad

Todays post was supposed to be about how I went fishing with Russell Hilton on the Taunton canal and caught a new pb pike but he had to cancel in the week. So instead here’s a ‘Hit Parade’ of sorts, with another trip to Gillhams in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d take a look back at my trips fishing abroad. Up


My Top Ten Match Wins

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a while and as I seem to be having a bad run at the moment I thought I’d list some of the matches when I actually caught some fish! I’ve been fishing competitions for 34 years and during that time I’ve experienced plenty of highs and lows and that’s what makes it so addictive. For weeks


Some days it’s a struggle

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a while so today I thought I’d take a look back at some of those days when it’s a real struggle. We’ve all had them where you’ve drawn a duff peg or the fishery seems to have switched off or the weather’s so cold you just can’t buy a bite but it’s worth hanging on


Great Days (and some that didn’t go quite to plan!)

I recently posted my ‘Top Ten Posts Of All Time’ which proved to be popular (and can be read on the link below) and there were several ‘Great Days’ that didn’t quite make the top ten so I’ve listed them below (again in no particular order) 5 – The Lady Of The Stream In all my years of fishing I’d never caught


It’s a funny old game – My Top Ten Posts

Match fishing, it’s a funny old game and that’s why I love it so much. You never know what’s going to happen and I think that’s what keeps us going week after week. You can be the best angler in the world but if the fish aren’t in your peg or they’re not feeding, World Champions can blank like the rest of