Great Days (and some that didn’t go quite to plan!)

I recently posted my ‘Top Ten Posts Of All Time’ which proved to be popular (and can be read on the link below)

and there were several ‘Great Days’ that didn’t quite make the top ten so I’ve listed them below (again in no particular order)

5 – The Lady Of The Stream
In all my years of fishing I’d never caught a grayling so Scotty suggested fishing the Tone where there are plenty of them. The day didn’t get off to a great start with loads of overnight rain threatening to flood the river and beat us in our quest before we started! Did we get one?

4 – A Day By The Seaside
Another new species I fancied a crack at was mullet but I had no clue how to go about it! My mate Andy agreed to come and have a go as well but would we be successful or would the RNLI have to be called!

3 – Champions
I’m a big fan of Summerhayes Fishery and when I heard Pete was running a pairs open I fancied giving it a go, the trouble was I couldn’t find anybody to fish with me (perhaps I should change my deodorant!). Andy agreed but hadn’t fished the venue before so I didn’t think we had much of a chance.

2 – It’s A Knockout
After reaching the pairs knockout final at Perry St and losing, when I also reached the singles final I was hoping I wouldn’t finish as the bridesmaid yet again.

1 – Second Time Lucky
The last time I fished a two day festival at Summerhayes I’d won my section on day one but drew the wrong lake and blew out on day two. This time around I managed third in my section on day one but was only a pound off winning, I needed a really good result on day two but with some very good silverfish anglers, it was going to be tough.

Now writing this blog I always make sure you get the lows as well as the highs (even if it can be painful writing about them!). So in the interest of balance below are some of my posts where things didn’t go to plan.

5 – Damn You Lily!
After winning my section on the first day of the two day festival, I just needed to avoid drawing on Lily Lake but the draw Gods weren’t on my side!

4 – What? No Barbel
Justin Charles had been going up to the Wye and catching loads of barbel and with the average size around 7lb I thought there was a good chance of beating my pb of 6lb 11oz. A date was set and I was up with the lark.

3 – Where Are You Mr Pike?
Another species hunt, fellow blogger Russell Hilton had been catching loads of pike on the Tone and agreed to meet up. It was great to meet up with him and an enjoyable day but the pike didn’t want to play ball.

2 – Where Did All The Fish Go?
A friend of mine owns a small pond with only half a dozen pegs but me and Andy had fished it in the winter and had a cracking day catching bream and tench to 5lb+ along with lots of small carp and silvers. With no match on, I arranged a sweep with the promise of a great days fishing – whoops!

1 – Xmas Blues
Apart from the first time I drew Lily Lake (where I won the silvers with 7lb 8oz), I’ve never picked up there since. I drew it again in the Xmas Match and came very close but it was a case of so near yet so far.

I hope you enjoy these little trips through the archives as much as I’ve enjoyed reminiscing, I’ve got some ideas for future ‘Hit Parades’ (top venues, species etc) so keep reading.


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