Month: June 2013

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Summerhayes – Open – 30th June 2013

I thought the match was on Longs this week but I phoned Pete to book me and Janders in and he said it would be on Sellicks and Lily again. I spent the rest of the week convinced I’d end up on Lily but on arriving, Pete said all twenty of us would be on Sellicks – phew. I pulled out peg 15


Some days it’s a struggle

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a while so today I thought I’d take a look back at some of those days when it’s a real struggle. We’ve all had them where you’ve drawn a duff peg or the fishery seems to have switched off or the weather’s so cold you just can’t buy a bite but it’s worth hanging on

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 8 – 23rd June 2013

With three matches left in this league I had pegs 11, 15 and 19 to go, 11 is a decent peg, 15 has been pretty poor and 19 has been dire to be honest. As we all gathered for the draw I felt really sorry for Bish who has an abscess and looks like he’s sucking the worlds biggest gobstopper!  Les did the draw

My Peg 21st Apr 2013

Fishery Focus – Perry St Pond

This weeks Fishery Focus is on Chard AC water, Perry St Pond Perry St Pond Perry St Pond Perry St Pond is approximately 4 miles from Chard. Directions – turn off the B3167 at the turning for the Swisstulle Ltd factory, turn left into the car park where there is ample parking and the pond is just a short walk away, over the footbridge. Contact –

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 7 – 16th June 2013

It was back to the Spring League this week and in a bid to try and stop my dry run, I decided I would fish for silvers as 6-7lb is normally enough to get in the money and that had to be achievable didn’t it? On arriving at the car park, the first person I saw getting ready to do battle was

Peg 35 On Longs

Fishery Focus – Summerhayes

In yet another new feature for this blog (I’m good to you lot!) I intend to write regular features focusing on a particular fishery with loads of detail including contact info, description of lakes and facilities etc. The first fishery to be featured is the excellent Summerhayes in Bridgwater. Summerhayes Fishery Address Summerhayes Fishery Bridgwater Somerset TA6 6LW Owner – Pete Wakeling Tel  –

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Summerhayes – Open – 9th June 2013

I was really looking forward to getting back to Summerhayes although with over 30 anglers booked in the match was to be split over Sellicks and my favourite pond, Lily. Tony Rixon had brought the Bristol bagging contingent down for a day out and there was a good chance we’d all get mugged again! You can check out Tony’s blog here Tony’s

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 6 – 2nd June 2013

It was back to the spring league this Sunday and as I was away for the last match and nobody could be found to fish for me, I’m slipping down the tables rapidly, it didn’t help that I had peg 1 last match, so that’s one of my corner pegs gone. Before I went on holiday I’d been on a bit of