Some days it’s a struggle

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a while so today I thought I’d take a look back at some of those days when it’s a real struggle. We’ve all had them where you’ve drawn a duff peg or the fishery seems to have switched off or the weather’s so cold you just can’t buy a bite but it’s worth hanging on in there as sometimes a single bite can mean a brown envelope. In a perverse kind of way I quite enjoy these sort of matches because you know a lot of the other anglers will jack it in early or be bank walking and it’s a lovely feeling if you manage to winkle out a fish or two, of course it doesn’t always work out like that!

So read on for some days where it’s been hard but perseverance or sheer stubbornness has paid off,

5 – Cold Day At Summerhayes

We were into March and the freezing weather was still with us and it was making the fishing rock hard and really not much fun! I booked into a match at Summerhayes hoping for a few silver fish, things didn’t quite go to plan!

4 – Scratching Around

Heavy rain and widespread flooding had put paid to the match on the river so we headed to Dillington for a knock up and hopefully the extra colour should see us get a few bites, ‘few’ turned out to be the operative word!

3 – Spotty Saves The Day

I’d just won two matches on the trot on the river but drawing one of my least favourite pegs I didn’t think I’d be doing the hat trick!

2 – Minnow City

I’ve fished some tough matches on the river over the years but can’t ever recall a time when only minnows were caught before!

1 – More Coffee Please!

One of the coldest days I can remember when even the elastic was freezing inside the pole!

So there you go, days when it’s a real struggle but somebody still has to win!


Posted by Jamie Rich

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