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My Top Ten Match Wins

I haven’t done a ‘Hit Parade’ for a while and as I seem to be having a bad run at the moment I thought I’d list some of the matches when I actually caught some fish! I’ve been fishing competitions for 34 years and during that time I’ve experienced plenty of highs and lows and that’s what makes it so addictive. For weeks


It’s a funny old game – My Top Ten Posts

Match fishing, it’s a funny old game and that’s why I love it so much. You never know what’s going to happen and I think that’s what keeps us going week after week. You can be the best angler in the world but if the fish aren’t in your peg or they’re not feeding, World Champions can blank like the rest of


Chris’s Pond – 29th April 2011

Rather than sit in front of the telly all day watching the privileged get married, Les arranged a match at Clivey Fisheries in Wiltshire. I picked up Janders at ten to seven (ouch!) and after meeting the others we set off for hopefully a good days fishing. We made good time and met a couple of anglers making their virgin visit at

Les Shop 1st Aug 2010

Chris’s Pond – 1st August 2010

With no club or league matches, Les arranged a match at Chris Haine’s pond at Clivey and I was hoping for a repeat performance of the win I had on my birthday (yeah right!). I had to pick Janders up and was most disappointed when I turned up and he didn’t have a new hat for me to photograph (c’mon John, buy

Janders 9th May 2010

Chris’s Pond – 9th May 2010

I was up early to get ready for Picky collecting me at 7:00, it was my birthday too (28 again) and we were off to Chris Haines’s pond at Clivey. Picky turned up on time and we shoe horned all my kit into his car and set off via Cartgate for a brekkie. Oz and Bish also had some nosebag before the

Janders 12th April 09

Chris’s Pond – 18th April 2010

Dave Lawrence picked me up at 7:00 and off we went, via Cartgate for a brekkie. There were only nine of us today and the pond looked really nice, Chris has given it a spring clean and got rid of lots of vegetation on the islands. I have struggled at the venue in the past and it’s mainly due to me chasing

Les 2nd August 09

Chris Haines Pond – 2nd August 2009

Dave picked me and off we went for brekkie where Steve Bishop and Steve Osborne met us, not long after another Steve (Chant) arrived with Picky. After filling up for the day ahead (some more than others, eh Dave?) off we went. We made good time and were soon at the venue. Les did his best to rid us of all our

Pond July 19th 09

Chris Haines Pond – 19th July 2009

I wasn’t holding out much hope of a good day today as I just can’t seem to get my head round the place. Dave picked me up at 6:45 and off we went, via Cartgate cafe for a brekkie where we met the others. It was a wet and windy day and the grey clouds overhead indicated we might be in for

Butch 10th April 09 1

Chris Haines Pond – 5th July 2009

Dave Lawrence picked me up at 7:00 and off we went, we stopped at Cartgate for an excellent brekkie where we met Chanter, Picky and Oz. Les and the rest turned up at just gone eight and we set off for Chris’s pond near Frome. I have never done that well and was determined to stick to a plan of fishing chopped

Les 21st June 09

Chris Haines Pond – 21st June 2009

Now I really ought to love this venue but I just can’t seem to get my head around it, there’s loads of silvers but I always seem to get bogged down with the carp and as a consequence never win any dosh. Well today I was determined to just go for silvers and hopefully catch any carp that come along. Match organiser,