Birthday blogs (Part 2)

As promised here’s Part 2 of my Birthday blogs ‘Hit Parade’ but can it live up to the previous five years?

5 – Midweeker

I took the day off work for my birthday and decided to fish a match at Summerhayes

4 – Unlucky 13!

Round four of the Spring League and I drew peg 13 but would my luck be in?

3 – Yep, that one again!

This is the post that inspired Birthday blogs and has appeared in several ‘Hit Parades’ before, just a lovely days fishing.

2 – Sweet (peg) 16

After a really crappy week, I had a nice days fishing.

1 – Up to date

For my birthday this year, I went to Summerhayes and we were on the lake I wanted, I drew one of the pegs I wanted but did I get the result I wanted?

So there you have it, the last ten years of my birthday matches. Here it is in numbers,

10 years
7 pick ups
5 different venues
3 match wins
1 pb match weight



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