Virgin Venues

I haven’t done a hit parade for a while and my first visit to Trinity Waters on Monday got me thinking about venues I’ve visited for the first time and done well. I still get a real buzz when I fish somewhere new and it’s the anticipation of that first bite, that first fish. Also being a match angler, it’s another challenge and looking back through my posts I seem to do quite well on my virgin visits (although I haven’t managed a win yet!) so maybe I ought to fish new venues more often!

5 – Goodiford Mill

I had fished the main lake before but not the silvers lake and was told to expect big weights of silvers, it didn’t really turn out like that but I did manage to catch a few fish and sneak a section win.

4 – Durleigh Reservoir

This was a charity match for Wateraid and I managed a few fish but got battered off the next peg (nothing new there then!) and didn’t think I’d won an envelope but it was nice day and for a good cause.

3 – Mark’s Pond

This wasn’t strictly a ‘virgin visit’ as Andy and me had pleasure fished it and bagged up but it was my first match on the pond. Things didn’t go to plan but I still managed a good result.

2 – Viaduct

Another venue I had pleasure fished before but this was my first match as Scott lured me there with tales of big silvers weights.

1 – Coking Farm

Tackleuk were running this one and when Scotty said there was a good chance I could break the ton for the first time, I thought I’d give it a go.

Posted by Jamie Rich

  1. I have found the same regarding new venues, you have no preconcieved ideas about your peg when you draw it and use watercraft + any gleaned knowledge to work out what to do. How many times do you go to a peg on a venue you know well, with a heavy heart and a stale approach.


  2. I agree Chris and I do enjoy spreading my wings a little bit


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