Month: April 2014

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Summerhayes – Open – 27th April 2014

After a really good start to the year I was expecting to hit a blip at some point and April has been poor so far with just one pick up and I was hoping I could finish the month on a high. The weather wasn’t too bad although rain showers were forecast for today, I just hoped the wind wouldn’t be too

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Perry St Pond – League 1 – 20th April 2014

After a disappointing match on Friday and then Chelsea handing the league to Liverpool when they lost to Sunderland on Saturday, I desperately needed a good result today to stop the long weekend from becoming a total write off! The weather forecast wasn’t very good for today with heavy rain and wind predicted – great! As I arrived it was great to

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Perry St Pond – Good Friday Match – 18th April 2014

We always have a match at Perry St on Good Friday but it’s a match I never seem to do very well in. The league starts on Sunday so I was hoping I might get an idea of how I was going to approach the first match. Pellet and meat are allowed again this year and I was hoping pellet shallow would

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Just A Little Ramble

Just a quick ramble for you, firstly a huge thank you as the blog has now had over 155,000 hits, which is just staggering, the Facebook book and Twitter pages are coming along nicely as well, so thanks again and please keep spreading the word. I have a few bits and bobs of fishing tackle for sale, if you’re interested get in

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Summerhayes – Open – 13th April 2014

I hadn’t heard from the Torquay Tart for a while but with the weather now starting to warm up, the texting started about how he was going to own me and I needed to buy some Savlon cream for my arse which was going to get whipped yet again. I did reply saying I still had a tube of cream unopened from

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Summerhayes – Open – 6th April 2014

The weather was back to being wet and windy for this one, I picked Janders up and met Rob before heading to Bridgy. There was a good turnout of twenty anglers including Scotty who was just back from two weeks at Whiteacres. After collecting nets, paying pools, drinking coffee and saying hello to everyone it was time to draw. When Pete announced