2018 Bait-Tech Products – A Closer Look – Part 1

Bait-Tech’s new 2018 products have been out a little while now but I thought I’d actually wait until I’d used a few of them before actually writing a review. Firstly lets take a look at what’s new, there are three new additions to the groundbait range,

Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark, I already use Pro Nat Dark for nearly all of my silvers fishing on natural venues so this was the prefect addition to the range for those tougher winter days and I can’t wait to use it at Dillington when it gets colder.

The perfect addition to the Pro Nat range*

BCMM ADF Fishmeal, the latest Big Carp Method Mix contains ADF Fishmeal and although I don’t fish the method feeder, I’m looking forward to using this in the margins.

BCMM ADF Fishmeal*

The Juice Groundbait, following on from the phenomenal success of The Juice liquid and then wafters, sinkers and pop-ups infused with the same gorgeous smell, Bait-Tech have added this groundbait and it was the first of the new range of products that I used.

Awesome addition to the range*

I was fishing an open at Summerhayes for silvers and on opening the bag, you get that gorgeous ‘Juicy’ smell but with an underlying hint of sweet fishmeal and it mixed up really nicely. I had a nice day catching skimmers and little tench to weigh 11lb 2oz and win the silvers, you can read the full report here

A great first outing for the new ‘The Juice’ groundbait

I’ve been playing around with the Nutty Stick Mix Liquid, mainly adding it to the water I mix my groundbait with and now Bait-Tech have added four more flavours, Krill, Berry, Pineapple and Scopex. As you would expect, they all smelt fantastic (well not so much the Krill but I’m sure the fish will love it!) and I decided to try out the Berry flavour first. It is a vibrant red colour with a lovely fruity, summery aroma.

Four great new flavours*

Whenever I use meat, I always add some water to stop it drying out which is also the prefect opportunity to give it a boost with a liquid flavouring. In my last match at Sadborow I fed a five metre line with Berry boosted meat and after a couple of hours, there were loads of bubbles coming up and I had a really good spell catching carp along with a tench. You can read about that match here

Berry boosted meat

I’ll be trying the other flavours over the coming weeks and might even experiment with combinations, how about Scopex Berry or Pineapple Scopex?

In Part 2, I’ll have a look at some more of the new products.

*Photos courtesy of Bait-Tech

*Bait-Tech sent me these products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions contained in this post are my own.


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