Hebditch’s Pond – Ruthie’s Cup – 23rd June 2024

For the penultimate round of Ruthie’s Cup we were back at Hebditch’s Pond, we met at The Ranch for breakfast which was lovely although somebody rushed off without paying, not mentioning any names but the rumour was he couldn’t wait to get to Thorney for Nudefest! With several anglers on 7 points, I was in the chasing pack on 6 but would need a section win to stay in contention and to do that, peg 4 would be required as it had topped the section in the previous two matches.

The Grand Wiz held aloft our little Tupperware tub containing four folded pieces of paper and predicted peg 6 for me, it’s not been great and Jake didn’t trouble the scales there last week. Burnsey went straight in and drew the one we all wanted, then Norts got peg 5 (one I’ve never drawn), I opened mine to reveal 6 (great!) which left Wiz on 7.

After a short drive we arrived at the pond and it was already shaping up to be a scorching day, I was hoping there would be loads of carp cruising around and I might be able to mug a few but the light on the water made it difficult to spot any.

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The same rigs were assembled as last time with a little dibber to fish shallow and a 0.5 gram rig for on the deck, both had hooks with a hair rigged band. The side tray couldn’t have got any simpler (see below).

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Today’s side tray contained just Bait-Tech Carp & Coarse 6mm pellets plus some Krill 6mm’s

The Grand Wiz got us up and running and I started at 13 metres pinging pellets, Burnsey was into a carp straight away and then Nortsy and GW got off the mark while all I had to show for my efforts was the odd little knock, the writing was on the wall already!

Most people I could see around the pond were getting odd fish, I eventually caught a carp and after an hour I had two and a little pasty but was already a long way behind in my section. I tried the shallow rig for no joy and as we reached the two hour mark, I hadn’t added to my three fish and just couldn’t see where the next bite was coming from so it was time for a walk.

The Wiz had five carp plus pasties and then Chanter on 8 couldn’t catch carp so had resorted to fishing for small rudd and roach on a top kit to hand. When I got to Nick on peg 10, he said he was catching quite well as were Ashley and Harry on 11 and 12. I wandered back and went round to see our ex Club Angler of the Year, Norts, who was catching the odd carp on paste and then Burnsey in his covert OP who was still doing well.

Sat back on my box, I continued flicking a few pellets out and swapping between the deep and shallow rigs, I did manage to mug a carp at 14.5 metres but that was it and I wasn’t too upset to hear the final whistle!

GW was first to weigh and had 19lb 12oz, my four fish went 7lb 14oz and Norts had 29lb 4oz so I’d been properly chip shopped and then Burnsey weighed 33lb 10oz to win our section. Parker ‘The Pole’ had struggled on 3 for 3lb 11oz of pasties, Craig L had done well to finish second in his section with 25lb 8oz from peg 2, Les didn’t weigh and then Harry had an excellent 42lb 7oz on peg 12 to win the section and lake.

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The Grand Wiz had 19lb 12oz on peg 7

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Norts was second in our section with 29lb 4oz

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Burnsey won our section with 33lb 10oz

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Parker ‘The Pasty Catcher’ weighed 3lb 11oz

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Craig was second in his section with 25lb 8oz

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Harry won his section and the lake with 42lb 7oz

Nick won his section with 36lb 7oz which included a nice chub, Ashley on 11 had two chub in his 26lb 3oz which was second in that section, Chedz weighed 15lb 8oz on 9 and Chanter had loads of little fish for 5lb 13oz.

Over at Thorney, Roy had the top weight of the day and won the section with 81lb 12oz, Andy S was close behind with 78lb 5oz, Terry ‘The Toast’ weighed 27lb 11oz and Priv had 18lb 10oz.

Section D (Thorney)
1 – Roy Worth (Yeovil) – 81lb 12oz
2 – Andy Saunders (Sharp MG) – 78lb 5oz

Section A (Hebditch’s)
1 – Harry Hebditch (Stoke) – 42lb 7oz
2 – Craig Lyttle (Stoke) – 25lb 8oz

Section B (Hebditch’s)
1 – Andy Burns (Stoke) – 33lb 10oz
2 – Chris Norton (Stoke) – 29lb 4oz

Section C (Hebditch’s)
1 – Nick Payne (Ilminster) – 36lb 7oz
2 – Ashley Tomkins (Tackleuk) – 26lb 3oz

Any chance of doing well in this league is now long gone for me so in the last one, all I’ve got to fish for is some section money but to do that, I’ll need to draw peg 10 and the way my arm is malfunctioning, there’s no chance of that!!!

With one round to go, there are two anglers on 11 points (Roy and Nick P) with a further three just a point adrift so it’s all to play for and it’ll be interesting to see what twists and turns await in the final match!

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