Month: May 2024

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Covey Fisheries – Open – 25th May 2024

I haven’t fished Covey since 2021 when we used to fish the Match lake, there are several other waters on-site including Purdy’s which is a specimen/pleasure lake so doesn’t get match fished that often. I’d been seeing some exciting reports from the odd competition with bags of quality roach, rudd, tench, chub and perch up to 45lb although 25-30lb is more the

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Revels Fishery – Open – 21st May 2024

A day off work on a Tuesday can only mean one thing, Revels! I made a quick pit stop in Yeovil for brekkie before heading across the border into bandit country. 21 fishing today so a fantastic turnout and we would be spread over Main and Dead Tree lakes. Draw time arrived and I was praying for a nice silvers peg, Duffers

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Thorney Lakes – Ruthie’s Cup – 19th May 2024

Last year we fished Ruthie’s Cup in memory of Chris’s daughter for the first time and we raised a tidy sum of money along the way. It was held on Wednesdays and a few people struggled to fish all four rounds so this year it would be held on Sundays so hopefully everyone could make it. In another change, along with twelve

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 18th May 2024

Saturday it was back to Todber for another silvers open on Ash, I met Nick and Duffers for breakfast before we headed to the venue. After getting some bait, it was time for the draw and I thought I’d try being at the end of the queue again as it seems to have worked well recently. With just two tickets left, I

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Revels Fishery – Open – 14th May 2024

With the weather finally beginning to warm up, I booked a couple of Tuesdays off work so I could go and fish the midweek matches at Revels. Typically after a gorgeous weekend, it was going to be a windy one today. After a Greggs brekkie, I got to the venue early and the carpark soon started filling up with the usual suspects.

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Coombe Farm – IAA Summer League 3 – 12th May 2024

Round three of the summer league and we were back at Coombe and I would be on pegs 1, 2 or 3. At the moment you need to catch big carp to do well and these seem to be mainly showing on the end pegs 1, 5 and 10. I’d even packed my feeder rod and bought some new 8lb line and

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 11th May 2024

After drawing peg 27 and really struggling in my last outing, for Foxy’s next open I decided to employ the tactic of having the last peg in the bag again. There were actually two balls left (as Chris hadn’t drawn yet) and I pulled out number 9 which is one of the best carp pegs on the lake but can also be

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Acorn Fishery – Open – 6th May 2024

Bank Holiday Monday and a trip up to Acorn for their open which was well attended with 26 anglers fishing. Des was in charge of proceedings and asked Zoe to draw for him, she pulled out a good one in the shape of peg 10, then there was the usual scrum as everybody delved into the bag. Nick got number 4 on

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Summerhayes – 5th May 2024

Note – I’m not sure what’s going on with Facebook but they removed my last post linking to the blog so if you commented and I didn’t get chance to reply, I apologise. I have queried it with FB but I’m not holding my breath it will be resolved anytime soon! Sunday we were at Summerhayes for a Stoke club match on

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Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 4th May 2024

Another long weekend due to a Bank Holiday (is it really May already!) and I was fishing all three days starting with another trip to Todber. After breakfast we arrived at the fishery and it was nice to see Steve P who had booked in last minute. Guy announced the draw and I decided to wait and have the last ticket in