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Thorney Lakes – Ruthie’s Cup – 19th May 2024

Last year we fished Ruthie’s Cup in memory of Chris’s daughter for the first time and we raised a tidy sum of money along the way. It was held on Wednesdays and a few people struggled to fish all four rounds so this year it would be held on Sundays so hopefully everyone could make it. In another change, along with twelve

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Thorney Lakes – 4th June 2023

The next Stoke match was at Thorney and very well attended with 26 anglers fishing. It was forecast to be a scorching hot day so The Grand Wiz and Mark (the owner) decided we would split the fish between three nets (silvers, small carp and larger ones), any carp over 10lb would be weighed and returned straight away and there would also

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Thorney Lakes – 5th June 2022

For my fourth match in six days we were at Thorney Lakes for the next round of the Stoke AA Rose Bowl lake series. I had toyed with the idea of fishing on Saturday as well but after some carp carnage in the week, I needed to make some rigs up and put new elastics in etc. If I’m honest I was

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Thorney Lakes – 9th January 2022

Stoke were going to have a winter league last year using some different stretches but Covid put paid to that. This time around, Russell Hilton was organising the five match series with the first round on the River Yeo at Long Load. Pleasure anglers had been reporting good catches of roach, chublets and odd bream so we could be in for a

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Thorney Lakes – Stoke Pairs – 31st October 2021

We were supposed to be on the Parrett for this one but once again Mother Nature decided to intervene so the match was moved to Thorney Lakes and would be silvers only. With the clocks going back, an extra hour in bed was welcome but the weather looked pretty grim outside. After breakfast we headed to the venue and I have to

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Thorney Lakes – 6th June 2021

After re-visiting the Viaduct for the first time in years last weekend, I’d booked into another Stoke match, this time at Thorney Lakes. I have pleasure fished it a long time ago, with Arf if I remember correctly and we caught a few fish, mainly roach and the odd crucian carp. I’d seen some recent photos and captures on Facebook of decent