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Bird’s Quarry – Charity Match – 24th March 2024

The following day we were at Bird’s Quarry for a charity match, I’ve only ever fished it once before back in 2021. It fished hard that day with Stoke’s ex Club Angler of the Year, Norts, winning with 10lb odd which was a bonus 8lb carp and some bits, I managed to win the silvers by default with 15oz! Since then Stoke

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Bird’s Quarry – Charity Match – 18th April 2021

Bird’s Quarry is owned and run by HMS Heron Angling Club, as part of the MOD, it’s a private club for serving members, veterans and their family but Stoke have an arrangement where they can fish it a couple of times for charity matches. I wasn’t on the list for this one and was gutted as I really wanted to fish it