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Ilminster Angling Association – The Dace Cup

The Dace Cup was presented to the club by Minsterstone Ltd and was for the biggest weight of dace in a match. In the early days the cup would be fished for in a designated match but in the later years it was the biggest weight of dace caught during the season. 1972-73 – J. Tovey (1lb 15oz) 1973-74 – T. Payne


Ilminster Angling Association – The New Year Shield

The next trophy on the list is The New Year Shield (I’ve included weights where available), 1978 – R Crockett (98 pts) 1979 – C Patten (11lb 2oz) 1980 – D Back (2lb 2.5oz) 1981 – A Green (2lb 10oz) 1982 – D Priddle (6lb 10oz) 1983 – T Pearce (3lb 7oz) 1984 – R. M. Filler (10lb 5oz) 1985 – D


Ilminster Angling Association – The Club Cup

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m looking at the Club Cup and it’s winners first as I try to document IAA’s trophies and winners over the years. The Club Cup (or Annual Challenge Cup) was contested as far back as 1956 and the first winner was J. Mathrick, here’s the full list of winners on the trophy. 1956 – J.


Ilminster Angling Association – Through The Years

If you read the blog regularly, you might recall I went to Stoke AA’s presentation night and really enjoyed it (you can read that post here) but it also got me thinking about the trophies IAA used to compete for and that I kind of miss that side of it. In this day and age of social media, fishing results are instantly