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Ilminster Angling Association – The Xmas Fayre

There never used to be a trophy for the Xmas Fayre but as it’s one of the bigger matches on the IAA calendar, I thought it might be worthwhile compiling a list of winners over the years (I’ll do the same for IAA Open as well). There are a few gaps where I couldn’t find results. For the last few years the


Ilminster Angling Association – Heaviest Match Weight Trophy

Winners of the Heaviest Match Weight Trophy. I think this one was presented for the top weight over the winter league series on the river, fairly modest weights in the earlier years and even though they began to increase in the 80’s, 20lb weights were yet to be a regular occurrence. It would be interesting to compare the weights to more modern


Ilminster Angling Association – The Chub Cup

The last of the clubs ‘species’ trophies is the Chub Cup but I couldn’t actually find the trophy itself! It’s awarded for the best weight of chub during the river series. I managed to put together a list of most of the winners from various paperwork and AGM minutes. 1976-77 – P Austin – 10lb 6oz 1977-78 – G. Bulgin – 9.5oz


Ilminster Angling Association – Aggregate Shield

The Aggregate Shield was for the highest combined weight from our river matches and was presented to the club by Mr R. A. Dyer. 1972-73 – T. Payne – 12lb 13oz 1973-74 – R. Payne – 17lb 2.5oz 1974-75 – R. Russell – 20lb 1975-76 – R. Russell – 15lb 7.5oz 1976-77 – R. Whatley – 28lb 15.5oz 1977-78 – D. Isaacs


Ilminster Angling Association – John Tovey Trophy

John Tovey presented this trophy to the club and was awarded to the angler with the biggest weight over the season who hadn’t won a trophy (I think that’s right!). No photo of trophy. 1977-78 – D Isaacs 1978-79 – C Patten 1979-80 – D Marney 1980-81 – R Russell 1981-82 – R Filler 1982-83 – D Loveday 1983-84 – D Back


Ilminster Angling Association – The Gudgeon Bowl

A great looking little trophy this one, presented to the club by Don and Chris Jobson, it was awarded to the angler catching the biggest weight of gudgeon during the season. 1977-78 – C Gibson (7.5oz) 1978-79 – P Womack (1lb 7oz) 1979-80 – J Newman (14oz) 1980-81 – R M Filler (1oz) 1981-82 – R Russell (3.5oz) 1982-83 – D Priddle


Ilminster Angling Association – Points Runners Up Trophy

The club also presented a trophy for the runner up in the prestigious Points Shield competition. 1977-78 – M. Tanner 1978-79 – P. Womack 1979-80 – C. Gibson 1980-81 – D. Crouch 1981-82 – D. Crouch 1982-83 – R.M. Filler 1983-84 – ? 1984-85 – D. Back 1985-86 – R. Crockett 1986-87 – K. Way 1987-88 – R. Russell 1988-89 – R.


Ilminster Angling Association – Points Shield

This prestigious trophy was presented to the winner of the club championship. Points were awarded depending on the anglers position each match so the winner of the Points Shield was the most consistent angler over the season. 1966 – G. Palmer 1967 – J. Hill 1968 – T. Payne 1969 – J. Hill 1970 – J. Tovey 1971 – J. Tovey 1972


Ilminster Angling Association – Points & Ounces Cup

The Points & Ounces Cup has been contested for since 1969 and judging by the results, the format has changed a few times over the years. In the main it was decided on a point per fish caught and a point for each ounce. 1969-70 – R. Anstice – 2lb 10oz 1970-71 – J. Newman – 5lb 3.5oz 1971-72 – J. Newman


Ilminster Angling Association – Roach Cup

The Roach Cup was presented to the club by Mr L. Hodges and was for the biggest bag of roach caught in a match during the season, although like the Dace Cup, in the early years, the cup was fished for on one match. 1970-71 – D. Jobson – 10lb 3oz 1971-72 – R. Payne – 1lb 7.5oz 1972-73 – J. Hill