Ilminster Angling Association – Heaviest Match Weight Trophy

Winners of the Heaviest Match Weight Trophy. I think this one was presented for the top weight over the winter league series on the river, fairly modest weights in the earlier years and even though they began to increase in the 80’s, 20lb weights were yet to be a regular occurrence. It would be interesting to compare the weights to more modern times (another little project for another day perhaps?) but I suspect it would confirm that the weights are much better nowadays and there’s an element of looking back on the good old days with rose tinted specs!

1973-74 – A. Green – 7lb 7oz

1974-75 –

1975-76 – C. Gibson & R. Russell – 7lb 4oz

1976-77 – J. Hill – 11lb 11oz

1977-78 – D. Isaacs – 10lb 2oz

1978-79 – C. Patten – 11lb 2oz

1979-80 – A. Jobson – 6lb 4oz

1980-81 – D. Back – 9lb 1.5oz

1981-82 – F. Sadler – 8lb 6oz

1982-83 – R. Filler – 9lb 4oz

1983-84 – A. Tulk – 17lb 7oz

1984-85 – R. Russell – 16lb 10oz

1985-86 – J. Lock – 17lb 12oz

1986-87 – K. Holland – 15lb 13oz


Posted by Jamie Rich

  1. Ha ha. It’s still a bit swimmy now old chap 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  2. Lol, yes it is mate, typical river fishing!


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