Ilminster Angling Association – Heaviest Match Weight Trophy

Winners of the Heaviest Match Weight Trophy. I think this one was presented for the top weight over the winter league series on the river, fairly modest weights in the earlier years and even though they began to increase in the 80’s, 20lb weights were yet to be a regular occurrence. It would be interesting to compare the weights to more modern times (another little project for another day perhaps?) but I suspect it would confirm that the weights are much better nowadays and there’s an element of looking back on the good old days with rose tinted specs!

1973-74 – A. Green – 7lb 7oz

1974-75 –

1975-76 – C. Gibson & R. Russell – 7lb 4oz

1976-77 – J. Hill – 11lb 11oz

1977-78 – D. Isaacs – 10lb 2oz

1978-79 – C. Patten – 11lb 2oz

1979-80 – A. Jobson – 6lb 4oz

1980-81 – D. Back – 9lb 1.5oz

1981-82 – F. Sadler – 8lb 6oz

1982-83 – R. Filler – 9lb 4oz

1983-84 – A. Tulk – 17lb 7oz

1984-85 – R. Russell – 16lb 10oz

1985-86 – J. Lock – 17lb 12oz

1986-87 – K. Holland – 15lb 13oz



Posted by Jamie Rich

  1. nickpayne101

    Ha ha. It’s still a bit swimmy now old chap 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  2. jamierich2

    Lol, yes it is mate, typical river fishing!


  3. trevorjpayne

    Hi Jamie, I enjoy reading your articles and match reports and I was interested in your item above regarding the IAA Heaviest Match Weight Trophy and wondered if you would be interested in some more info for the period from the late 60’s through to the early 70’s. I was very active on the club committee during that period [as was my dad Roy] and believe my name may have been on that trophy. However I’m not exactly sure when it was brought into being, so maybe not. Certainly there were some outstanding weights recorded in Isle matches around that time and the following are some that are stuck in my memory banks. I recall having 17lbs 6oz [all dace] from the straight below the bends at Ashford to win a Christmas Fair, with Ron Evans clocking 15lbs [mostly chub] from just below Ashford Bridge on the same day. I had another 17lbs [all roach] from under Ashford bridge in one cold and snowy club match. I recall having 12lbs odd in a Mini League from the Ding swim at South Bradon and several other similar weights around that time. Alan French had 17lbs [roach] to win a Mini League on the first bend below North Bradon bridge and Bob Northover having 15lbs from just below the old railway bridge on the same day. Also on the same day my dad with 11lbs [dace] from above Evans’s. I recall a Stoke member getting 15lbs [roach] from the pool below Eames Mill. The legendary Jim Gaylard registered 20lbs from Evans’s Pool [Whitebridge, Winterhay] and I think I’m right in saying that Geoff Palmer once recorded approx 25lbs [roach] from the bend in Cox’s copse. What I recall most clearly was the quality of the roach and espacially the chunky dace that made up these weights. Good plump dace often at two to the pound. Chub were always there but probably not in the same numbers or individual sizes that are apparent in recent years. With the modern kit and methods that you have these days, I guess that some of those weights would have been exceeded. Still, it was great fishing and certainly happy days for me when I was good mates with the likes of Barney Crockett, Adrian Green, Jonny Hill and many others. I still fish when I can.

    Trevor Payne, Horton


    1. jamierich2

      Hi Trevor,
      thank you so much for commenting, your name (and your dad’s) are on most of the trophies and I love to hear about the club and it’s history. I can’t really remember if our paths crossed but I’m pretty sure I knew your brother Steve? I’ve got all the committee meeting minutes and I’m going to put together an article with hopefully some interesting stuff in the near future,




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