Month: December 2022

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Ilminster Angling Association – The Open

Following on from the earlier post about the IAA Xmas Fayre and its winners, I’ve done the same with the Open which was sponsored by Enterprise Angling for many years. The earliest result I could find for the IAA Open was from 22nd February 1976, I thought it might be quite interesting to list the numbers who fished and weighed in where

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Revels Fishery – Open – 27th December 2022

For my third match in four days, we were heading to Revels and I was really looking forward to it although I was beginning to flag a little bit after another rude 5:45 alarm wake up! Breakfast at the Airfield was decent again before heading to the fishery. Despite quite a few of the regulars fishing a big pairs match at another

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Summerhayes – Boxing Day Open – 26th December 2022

I always try and fit a few matches in over the Xmas period so Summerhayes was my next destination. Nick very kindly supplied breakfast again so some more money went into the charity pot. Les B said he fancied fishing Summerhayes for the first time so met us in the car park and followed us there. I didn’t think there’d be loads

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Acorn Fishery – Xmas Match – 24th December 2022

I really enjoyed my first visit to Acorn a few weeks back so when I saw they had a Xmas match on Saturday, I booked in along with Parker ‘The Pole’ and Nick P. A really early start was required and with very little in the way of breakfast options, Nick very kindly supplied some lovely bacon and sausage baps and we

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Revels Fishery – Open – 20th December 2022

What a difference a couple of days make! From lakes everywhere being iced over and unfishable (unless you’re particularly determined or stupid!), the temperature rose to being almost tropical. I met Parker ‘The Pole’ at the Airfield in Yeovil for breakfast which was really good before we headed to Revels. Another brilliant turnout for a Tuesday with 19 anglers in attendance and

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Summerhayes – Open – 18th December 2022

Well, this won’t take long! The big freeze hit us with matches being cancelled all over the place due to thick ice and I feared the worst when Pete phoned to say that Sellicks was frozen over but he said we could still fish if we wanted to break the ice. I met Steve P at the bowling club for probably the


Ilminster Angling Association – Committee Cup

I’m reaching the end of the list of IAA trophies, I couldn’t find a few of them to get photos and there are some gaps where I couldn’t find some of the names but as I go through the paperwork and records a bit more thoroughly, hopefully I’ll come across some of the missing winners. As the name suggests, this trophy was

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Summerhayes – Xmas Match – 11th December 2022

I was booked into Stoke’s Xmas Fayre on Sunday which was being held on two ponds and a stretch of river but then the cold snap hit us and with the stillwaters frozen over, the decision was made to cancel/postpone. The club made the call early which was the right thing to do so people can arrange or try to find something

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Revels Fishery – Open – 6th December 2022

Another chilly start for my next Tuesday outing, after a ‘Billy No Mates’ breakfast in Yeovil, I was soon pulling into the car park at Revels. A few less this week but still a dozen names on the list including John Barker and Big Al who was on for a hat-trick after winning the Xmas Match on Sunday and the previous Tuesday

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River Isle – Chris Patten Xmas Fayre – 4th December 2022

The river was back to being low and clear for the Chris Patten Xmas Fayre and after struggling last week, I was hoping for a better draw today, preferably a chub peg! We met at the bowling club for breakfast and were well looked after by Charlotte. There’s always a good turnout for the Xmas Fayre and this year there were 22