Month: October 2022


Ilminster Angling Association – Aggregate Shield

The Aggregate Shield was for the highest combined weight from our river matches and was presented to the club by Mr R. A. Dyer. 1972-73 – T. Payne – 12lb 13oz 1973-74 – R. Payne – 17lb 2.5oz 1974-75 – R. Russell – 20lb 1975-76 – R. Russell – 15lb 7.5oz 1976-77 – R. Whatley – 28lb 15.5oz 1977-78 – D. Isaacs


Ash Ponds – 23rd October 2022

The next Stoke match was at Ash Ponds which I’d only fished once before in the Xmas Fayre last year. We fished lakes 2 and 3 then with the latter being more prolific, Dan Squire had the top weight on the day with over 150lb from lake 3. I was on lake 2 and had a really enjoyable day catching carp and


Todber Manor – Silvers Open – 20th October 2022

Todber held a Thursday silvers only match on Wadmill (one of the specimen lakes) recently and it fished really well with Tony Rixon winning with 50lb of skimmers followed by Des Shipp who had 45lb of skimmers and roach and there were lots of good back up weights as well. When I saw they were holding another one, I booked a day


Summerhayes – Open – 16th October 2022

It was supposed to be Ilminster v Stoke on the Isle but with it being painfully low and weedy, it was called off so a few of us booked into Summerhayes. Drew at the bowling club very kindly said we could have breakfast there at 6:45 but my day didn’t get off to the best of starts when I turned my 5:45


Hebditch’s Pond – Ruthie’s Cup – 12th October 2022

With several cancellations due to the extremely hot weather and low water levels, we were finally able to hold the second match of Ruthie’s Cup, over three months on! As it’s now getting darker earlier we had to bring the draw and finish times forward a bit as well. We all met at Cartgate for breakfast, the first time I’ve been for


Dillington Pond – Bob Hammond Memorial Match – 9th October 2022

Bob’s Match is another of my favourites and one I’d love to win, being rod only, it’s really nice to do something a bit different as well. As we haven’t fished it for ages, I have to say a massive thanks to Max, Leighton and Rob who have been out the pond making sure there were enough swims available. I met Nick


Ilminster Angling Association – John Tovey Trophy

John Tovey presented this trophy to the club and was awarded to the angler with the biggest weight over the season who hadn’t won a trophy (I think that’s right!). No photo of trophy. 1977-78 – D Isaacs 1978-79 – C Patten 1979-80 – D Marney 1980-81 – R Russell 1981-82 – R Filler 1982-83 – D Loveday 1983-84 – D Back


Revels Fishery – Simm’s Silvers – 2nd October 2022

The next Stoke match was Simm’s Silvers at Revels which I’ve been looking forward to and the lakes being used were Dead Tree, Canal and Middle, I’ve never fished the latter but it can be brilliant for silvers and I really wanted to draw on there. A few of us met for breakfast at the Airfield Tavern which is normally very good


Ilminster Angling Association – The Gudgeon Bowl

A great looking little trophy this one, presented to the club by Don and Chris Jobson, it was awarded to the angler catching the biggest weight of gudgeon during the season. 1977-78 – C Gibson (7.5oz) 1978-79 – P Womack (1lb 7oz) 1979-80 – J Newman (14oz) 1980-81 – R M Filler (1oz) 1981-82 – R Russell (3.5oz) 1982-83 – D Priddle