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Ash Ponds – Stoke Xmas Fayre – 14th January 2024

Sunday was Stokes rearranged Xmas Fayre match on Ash Ponds and Parrett Works with 13 anglers on the river and 19 split between Ponds 2 and 3 at Ash. You could choose which venue you preferred and I went for Ash 2 as when I fished it for the first time in 2021, I’d really enjoyed it catching carp and some silvers

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Ash Ponds – 22nd October 2023

On Sunday we were back at Ash Ponds for the latest Stoke match and would be on Ponds 2 and 3 again. Both lakes are rammed full of fish but weights on the former tend to be a little lower and there is a better head of silvers while lots of keepnets are required for the latter, hence me hoping to draw

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Ash Ponds – 23rd October 2022

The next Stoke match was at Ash Ponds which I’d only fished once before in the Xmas Fayre last year. We fished lakes 2 and 3 then with the latter being more prolific, Dan Squire had the top weight on the day with over 150lb from lake 3. I was on lake 2 and had a really enjoyable day catching carp and

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Ash Ponds – Stoke Xmas Fayre – 12th December 2021

For my third Xmas match on the trot, it was Stokes turn to provide the festive fun and hopefully some fish! Not only was it my first time fishing this event, it was also on a new venue for me, Ash Ponds. I initially thought it was the Ash Ponds I fished with Ilminster and Chard many years ago but that was