Month: September 2022

Bream White

New Bait-Tech products for 2022

Bait-Tech have brought out some brilliant new products for 2022 including groundbait, pellets and liquids to perfectly compliment their existing portfolio. First up, the very popular Special G range needs no introduction and this year sees two additions with Special G F1 and Special G Margin. These new groundbaits differ from the awesome Special G Green, Gold, Dark and Red in a

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Stathe Drain – Dave’s Match Cup – 25th September 2022

Stoke have lots of away days and this one was arranged by Dave Pope who even put a trophy up (although we’re still trying to come up with a catchier name for the match!). I haven’t fished the drain since 2018 in an inter-club fixture against Taunton when I was lucky enough to draw one of the first six pegs which tend

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Summerhayes – Open – 19th September 2022

With a Bank Holiday on the Monday, there was a silvers only match on Longs, I booked in and Nick and Jenny said they fancied it as well and very kindly did some bacon and egg rolls for breakfast. They wouldn’t accept any payment so we all bunged a fiver in the charity pot. With 12 anglers fishing, we had plenty of

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River Parrett – Pairs – 18th September 2022

The Grand Wiz asked if I wanted to fish this one with him although on my current form he might regret it! After the obligatory excellent breakfast at the bowling club (thanks Drew) we headed to Parrett Works for the draw. The format of this match would be one angler in the first field which hasn’t been very good with the exception

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Dorset Stour – Air Ambulance Open – 17th September 2022

I fished this match for the first time last year and absolutely loved it, superbly organised and for a great cause as well. Nick P and Parker ‘The Pole’ both said they fancied it as well so I booked us in and was really looking forward to it. Up early, I met the others before heading off, we made good time and

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Ilminster Angling Association – Points Runners Up Trophy

The club also presented a trophy for the runner up in the prestigious Points Shield competition. 1977-78 – M. Tanner 1978-79 – P. Womack 1979-80 – C. Gibson 1980-81 – D. Crouch 1981-82 – D. Crouch 1982-83 – R.M. Filler 1983-84 – ? 1984-85 – D. Back 1985-86 – R. Crockett 1986-87 – K. Way 1987-88 – R. Russell 1988-89 – R.

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Coombe Farm – IAA Spar Summer League 3 – 11th September 2022

After two rounds were cancelled due to the heat wave, we finally managed to get back to Coombe Farm for the third match of the IAA Spar Summer League. It was my turn on the top lake again and although in the previous two matches, all the big weights had come from the Main lake, Rob had tweaked the pools slightly to

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Ilminster Angling Association – Points Shield

This prestigious trophy was presented to the winner of the club championship. Points were awarded depending on the anglers position each match so the winner of the Points Shield was the most consistent angler over the season. 1966 – G. Palmer 1967 – J. Hill 1968 – T. Payne 1969 – J. Hill 1970 – J. Tovey 1971 – J. Tovey 1972

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River Parrett – Axminster Cup – 4th September 2022

As The Memorial Shield heads towards it’s climax, just two points separate Nick P and Russ and today would decide whether Russ would retain the title or if there would be a new name on the trophy this year? My challenge fizzled out in the penultimate round (much like last year) as both my drawing hand and lucky dinosaur seem to have

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Summerhayes – Open – 29th August 2022

After a disappointing Bank Holiday weekend so far, I was hoping for better things today. The Breakfast Club assembled at Nicks for food which was lovely and as he wouldn’t accept any payment, the Nugget-O-Meter benefited by £10. On arriving at the fishery, I was a little surprised to see only ten booked in but I think there were several festivals on