Month: August 2022

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Summerhayes – Open – 27th August 2022

A nice long Bank Holiday weekend can only mean one thing…. lots of fishing! First up was a Saturday match on Sellicks at Summerhayes. I met Nick P and Steve ‘The Pole’ at the bowling club for breakfast (thanks Drew) before heading to Bridgwater. There were nine booked in for this one which was slightly disappointing and then two of those didn’t

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Ilminster Angling Association – Points & Ounces Cup

The Points & Ounces Cup has been contested for since 1969 and judging by the results, the format has changed a few times over the years. In the main it was decided on a point per fish caught and a point for each ounce. 1969-70 – R. Anstice – 2lb 10oz 1970-71 – J. Newman – 5lb 3.5oz 1971-72 – J. Newman

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River Parrett – J. Irish Trophy – 21st August 2022

Thankfully the weather had cooled down a bit leading up to this match and we even had a little rain but nowhere near as much as we need. A cracking breakfast at the bowling club set us up for the day and then we headed to Parrett Works for the draw. 14 anglers fishing today with most hoping for a crack at

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Ilminster Angling Association – Roach Cup

The Roach Cup was presented to the club by Mr L. Hodges and was for the biggest bag of roach caught in a match during the season, although like the Dace Cup, in the early years, the cup was fished for on one match. 1970-71 – D. Jobson – 10lb 3oz 1971-72 – R. Payne – 1lb 7.5oz 1972-73 – J. Hill

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Summerhayes – Open – 14th August 2022

It was back to Summerhayes on Sunday with another great turnout of 28 anglers, Pete got the draw underway starting with the golden peg which today was number 19, a really good area for silvers. It was still in the bucket when my name was called out but I ended up on 26 towards the bottom end of the pegs along the

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Ilminster Angling Association – Heaviest Fish Cup

The Heaviest Fish Cup was presented to the club by Mr J.S. Windmill and as you would expect, was for the heaviest fish caught by a club member in a match during the season. 1971-72 – T. Payne – 2lb 6oz chub 1972-73 – G. Palmer – 2lb 12oz 1973-74 – S. Hill – 2lb 7oz 1974-75 – A. Bellew – 2lb

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Revels Fishery – Open – 9th August 2022

I do love my Tuesday trips to Revels, I just wish I could go every week but as retirement is a fair way off yet, I will have to keep praying for a lotto win. After a quick breakfast stop with Parker ‘The Pole’ we were on our way. I did think the hot weather might put a few off but there

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River Parrett – Mrs Williams Cup – 7th August 2022

With Kingsbury very weedy, we were back at Parrett Works for this one and there was another good turnout including Chris Haines and his mate Nick Veale who were fishing their first Stoke match. Breakfast at the bowling club got us off to a great start (thanks Drew) before we headed to Martock for the draw. I had a mental wish list

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Summerhayes – Clive and Ray’s Memorial Match – 6th August 2022

I fished Clive Cunningham’s memorial match in 2021 and after sadly losing Ray Wickham, they decided to have a combined memorial match for this year. It started filling up quickly and in no time, there were 28 names down, a fantastic turn out and I was really looking forward to it, especially as it was silvers only. The Breakfast Club assembled at

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Revels Fishery – Open – 2nd August 2022

I had booked Wednesday off work to fish the next match at Hebditch’s for Ruthie’s Cup but it had to be postponed so I swapped my leave around so I could fish Revels and Parker ‘The Pole’ did the same. We met for breakfast in Yeovil before heading to the fishery, the Tuesday opens are always popular and there was a great