River Isle – 7th November 2010

With no league match scheduled we decided to have a knock up and perhaps try some new swims. There were only seven of us again and Rob had put some swims in at Isle Brewers and I really fancied a crack at 125 but Heardy drew that, does he ever draw a bad peg! I paid him the pound from last week and made sure I had enough dosh to pay him for today (I’m thinking of setting up a direct debit!). I pulled out peg 50 at Ilford and quite fancied it for a few fish but was wary of how low the river still was.

I got to my peg and as I was settling in, Rob turned up to drop Leighton off as he was the peg below the bridge and said he could see a couple of chub at the tail of my swim, my appetite was now well and truly wetted! Being a lazy bugger I only set up the usual Carbo and plumbed up around the swim and could find no more than a foot’s depth anywhere but as long as it remained overcast I was confident of catching a few. First run through with caster the float slid away and I swung in a small chublet, next chuck a dace and then another, I was enjoying this! After an hour I had 8 fish including a 10oz trout (which count) and a nice roach, I’d also bumped one and missed a few bites.

Then the sun came out and I could see through every inch of the swim and my bites just stopped. By the end of the second hour I’d only added two more roach and a small dace and still no sign of a proper chub. I went through the motions for another hour before deciding a walk was in order. I had a look upstream and off the bridge but didn’t see a fish, next stop was Leighton but he wasn’t at his peg either! I met up with him as he walked up from having a look at the big bend and he said he’d just had a few small fish and loads of minnows. He also said he’d spoke to Rob and he was struggling in 14 but they were getting a few at Isle Brewers.

I went back for the last hour and despite trying lobworm and upping the feed the elusive chub remained elusive and I never had another bite. I packed up and as I was walking down to weigh Leighton in, Rob turned up, he didn’t bother weighing in and Steve Parker only had 12oz from peg 17. I still fancied the top three would come from Isle Brewers though. Leighton had a hard won 1lb 6oz and for once my estimate of 2lb 8oz wasn’t too far off as I weighed 3lb 1oz.

Back at the results and Neil Dring had a lovely day on peg 126 to win with a brilliant 15lb 13oz of mainly roach to record his second win on the trot. Martin Heard had 5lb 3oz from 125 for second and I sneaked into third place and picked up £16 as Tony Newman had 2lb 4oz from 123, although he’d had loads of pike trouble. So once again I’d gotten off to a promising start only for it to fizzle out and I still haven’t hooked a proper chub!

Next week is round three of the V.E.S. and at least Neil can’t win ‘cos he’s not fishing next week! Although that will probably just mean Martin will get back to winning ways.

1 – Neil Dring (Ilminster) – 15lb 13oz
2 – Martin Heard (Tiverton) – 5lb 3oz
3 – Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) – 3lb 1oz


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