My Next Interview

My first interview with Pete Clapperton (which can be found here – link) was a resounding success and I’ve had some great feedback from it, I’ve put just a few of the comments I’ve received below,

“Great stuff mate” – Tony Curd

“Cracking, really enjoyable read” – Tim Ford

“Told you over many a pint you missed your vocation great stuff can’t be long before you’re writing for an angling mag” – Andy Langdon

“As an aside to your fishing exploits these interviews will be a sure fire winner. Great stuff Jamie, looking forward to the next one” – Paul Homewood

“Superbly written with some really good questions. Can’t wait to read the next one” – Robin Cox

“That was a very enjoyable read, well done!” – Allan B

I also had a Bait Tech angler from Romania contact me to ask if he could translate it and put it on his website, when he does I’ll try and put a link on here. Note – the interview is now live on his site and can be found here it’s a really interesting website with some great articles and you can translate them into English using Google.

My next interview will be with river legend Dave Harrell and I can’t wait, I’ll aim to get it on here in early December so if any of you have a question you would like to ask Dave, send it to me via the contact form which can be found on the right hand side of the blog and I’ll ask him the best ones. Can you please send them to me by Saturday 16th November as I’m off on holiday next week (not sure if I mentioned that at all!)


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