Three Wheels On My Wagon!

What do you do when the ‘wheels come off’, it happens to everyone in every sport at one time or another (maybe not Man City at the moment) but how do you deal with it? The trouble with fishing comes because there are so many variables, in snooker if you’re not potting balls you can put the practice in or even hire a coach to work on your technique. In match fishing you could spend money on an coaching session with Des Shipp, learn loads and be at the top of your game only to then go on a bad run at the drawbag for weeks on end, so you’re a better angler than you’ve ever been but your results are abysmal! In what other sport is that even possible!

There are multiple reasons for the wheels coming off, these include;

  • drawing crap pegs
  • drawing good pegs on the wrong day
  • drawing good pegs and getting it wrong
  • fishing like a clampit
  • sometimes sheer bad luck can play a part

sometimes a combination of these elements come together leaving you almost wanting to throw your gear in the pond!

Same lake, two different pegs and two very different days!

I don’t know the answer, it can be really demoralising, you keep going hoping things will come good again but you keep drawing crap pegs or good pegs on the wrong day and on it goes, the pressure builds and every match a result eludes you, the next one takes on even greater significance, perhaps you start trying too hard or force pegs to try and win the match when a steadier approach would have seen you win the section. Then at long last you finally get back on the podium and all of a sudden everything is right with the world, your drawing arm stops malfunctioning and it all becomes that much easier again, you’re catching loads of fish and everything you try works, you can do no wrong. Fishing is a funny old game!


Posted by Jamie Rich

  1. rockingroy39
    Roy Fowler (rocking) 3rd August 2019 at 15:59

    As the song goes 3 wheels on my wagon BUT im still rolling along


    1. jamierich2

      Ha ha, very true, hope to see you soon Rocking 🙂


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