Hebditch’s Pond – Ruthie’s Cup – 7th June 2023

For the penultimate round (the last one for me as I can’t make the final match on 21st June, stand ins are allowed so if anyone would like to fish, please get in touch) of Ruthie’s Cup, we had six fishing (well five and half as Norts was going to be a bit late). The Fabulous Five met for breakfast and with the section rotation system, it was my turn on pegs 6, 7 or 8 with the latter my preferred choice. The cards were dealt/spread on the table and I ended up with 7 so my dinosaur is still misfiring! Burnsey was on 8 with Parker ‘The Pole’ on 6.

The Grand Wiz didn’t want peg 9 and got it, although it wouldn’t matter too much as he was the only one in his three peg section and similarly Terry was on his own over on peg 2 until Norts turned up later! It was another hot day and there were quite a few carp cruising around so I set up a shallow dibber and also a depth rig but instead of my usual corn/micros approach I decided to just feed and fish 6mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellets.


The view from peg 7 (if you look closely, you can just make out Terry all on his lonesome on the other side!)


Burnsey in his jungle OP

GW tooted to get us off and running and I just shipped straight out with the shallow rig, pinging a few 6mm’s, lifting and dropping, along with the odd attempted mugging but after fifteen minutes, I hadn’t caught while Terry had already landed a carp. The depth rig was next and I’ve laid the rig in, fed a few pellets, lifted the rig a floats length out the water and on the settle, it buried and carp number one was hooked.

The rest of the first hour was really good and I added another four carp and two skimmers, going into the second sixty minutes, Norts decided to grace us with his presence and after quickly setting up, was soon into his first carp. I was still catching the odd 2-3lb carp but also getting lots of indications from tiny carp (less than an ounce to 2oz) and also had two more little 4oz skimmers. Burnsey was catching but also lost a couple in the reeds while Terry and Norts were both getting odd fish.

As we approached the halfway point, I was still catching steadily on the depth rig and hadn’t lost a fish yet, I had 12 carp between 1-3lb plus 4 skimmers and a fair few little baby carp and a roach. After being several fish ahead of Terry and Norts, they were both starting to catch well on paste and there now probably wasn’t much between us. I did hook a decent fish that just keep going and the hook pulled out and then had another snap me.

Terry fed a margin line towards peg 3 on his right and began catching really well, they were decent fish too and he was on for a good weight. Rob Cox turned up to see how we were doing with around ninety minutes to go and while he was sat with me, I had two in two chucks but then hooked a third and that one snapped me as well. Apart from a couple of tiny carp, that was the last of the action for me.

At the all out, I’d finished up with 19 carp plus my bits and bobs and knew I hadn’t beaten Terry but it was also close between Norts and me. We packed up and went round with the scales to Norts on peg 1, he’d done well after a late start to weigh 49lb 10oz. Terry was next and after his nets were totted up, he had 85lb 7oz which would see him win his second round of the series.


Norts ‘who needs six hours to frame anyway’ was third with 49lb 10oz


Terry ‘The Agrophobe’ bagged his second win of the series with 85lb 7oz

Parker ‘The Pole’ weighed 12lb 3oz and had struggled with the fluff, my mini carp and silvers net went 4lb 4oz, my second carp net had 20lb 11oz in it which meant I needed my first net to go 25lb. The digital display read 30lb 14oz to give me 55lb 13oz total, Burnsey had 32lb 9oz and last but not least, the Grand Wiz weighed 27lb 8oz.


Parker ‘The Pole’ had 12lb 3oz on peg 6


I had 55lb 13oz for second place


Burnsey covertly extracted 32lb 9oz from his jungle OP


The Grand Wiz (and his gorgeous pink shorts) weighed 27lb 8oz from his favourite peg

1 – Terry Morgan (Stoke) – 85lb 7oz
2 – Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) – 55lb 13oz
2 – Chris Norton (Stoke) – 49lb 10oz


I picked up £30 for second and (shock, horror) actually quite enjoyed catching some vermin! The Nugget-O-Meter gained another £3 thanks to a double squid from GW and one from me, the total now stands at a brilliant £276.

After three rounds, Terry is on 3 pts followed by GWiz and me on 4 and Burnsey on 5 so effectively Terry has won as there will only be two in his section for the final round. GWiz and Burnsey will battle it out for second and third (unless I can get a stand in!!!!).

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